Welcome to the week’s best addish videos, where we scour the web for examples of well-done promotional things. Here, you may find advertisements, or you may find things that will just waste time but are funny. You don’t care, as long as you’re entertained. These are not the droids you’re looking for. This week, learn what life on Mars will be like and see what happens when a Transformer walks through the Staples Center (place sucks anyway, amirite?). And more.


7. In this clip, “Right Wingers” means something different than we ‘murikans are accustomed to. In Germany, it refers to neo-Nazis and such. Here’s a little case video explaining how ExitDeutschland pranked a bunch of RWers, and at the same time gave them a resource for ending hate. They must have gotten some hate mail for this stunt, so let’s give ED some love by watching how they did it.


6.¬†Transformers! Now it’s a ride, which makes a certain amount of sense. Since the line for that puppy will be longer than Optimus Prime’s ‘oil release tube’, here’s a looksee at how the Hasbro dudes launched the thing.

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