In a bit of a nice surprise, we had our first true villain on last night’s episode of AMC’s The Pitch since episode two’s Machiavellian creative director, Ray Johnson. I’m not exactly sure who deserves more praise for this: The Pitch‘s producers or the rude, impossible-to-please client, Chris Burch. Unless my eyes deceive me, I’d have to go with the latter, because that kind of perpetual condescension can’t be derived through clever editing.

Throughout the episode, Burch insults both agencies to the point that winning his clothing brand, C. Wonder, didn’t seem like much of a “win” at all. Burch, a serial entrepreneur best-known for starting women’s fashion label Tory Burch with his now ex-wife, has been facing some flack from the fashion community as of late. Since divorcing his wife, Burch stayed on as co-chair of Tory Burch, stepping down in March amid accusations that his new brand (and subject of this episode), C. Wonder, was a little too similar to his wife’s, leading to consumer confusion. So, did either agency have a clever enough campaign to make C. Wonder stand out? (As always, SPOILERS AHEAD!)

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