A generous tipster, or so we think, sent us a verbatim note that seems to outline a $500 million global media review for Luxottica, the Italian monolith that is home to eyewear lines including Ray-Ban, Oakley and Patrick Bateman’s personal fave, Oliver Peoples. We’ve contacted the brand to get some clarification on the matter, but see for yourself below and after the jump. Strap on your guns, kids.

Global Media Review Considerations

Scope of the review and desirable outcome
ï       Re-asses and challenge our current media agencies
ï       Consolidate our media services, possibly into one agency
ï       Reconsider the media agency services, notably in the light of an exponential growth in media-generated content and analytics
ï       Aim for best partner for Luxotticaís brands in terms of:
1.      Strategy and new media services
2.      Engaged and pro-active client service
3.      Global coordination and local implementation
4.      Excellent capabilities across all digital platforms
5.      Cost-effective media buying (or the right media quality for our brands at the best price)

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