Happy Election Day Eve! As we return to some sort of normalcy, let’s kick things off this week with this, um, promo for Eurobest’s Young Creative competition that’s brought to us by agency, Fuel Lisboa. The folks who sent this to us used “creative wet dream” as the subject line, and as you can see, they’re trying to send as literal of a message as possible. While there’s no 1-900 number to be had, the cliches of those adult-oriented, late night ads seem to be intact including the amorous ladies in a hot tub (of course) and stock music culled from an 80′s porn flick. Too bad the suited douche has to ruin all the fun. So far, the reaction has been wonderful on YouTube, with just two comments saying “Lame” and “seriously, i have seen better commercials that i didn’t understand.” So, mission accomplished.

Speaking of Eurobest 2012, which takes place Nov. 28-30 in Lisbon, the complete jury lineup is in the bag. Go here to find out who’s involved. Credits for the clip above after the jump.

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