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How To Tell If A Tweet Is Credible

You see them all the time – outrageous tweets making outrageous claims. You know the work-from-home scams are just that, of course, but what about tweets that pop up during emergencies? If you use Twitter for the latest breaking news, or worse – depend on the information it provides during an emergency – you may be in trouble.

Unless, that is, you could tell if a tweet was credible or not.

Well, we have some tips from people who have been studying just that.

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Six Ways In Which Twitter Eclipses Facebook

There’s no such thing as “better than” or “worse than” when comparing social media platforms.

Each one serves different purposes and is more effective at certain things. Each one has different impact and influence in different areas.

But certainly, there are points of comparison worth considering in evaluating daily time spent on social media. There are only so many minutes in an hour, and only so much time saved by social media aggregator tools like HootSuite, CoTweet and TweetDeck.

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Twitter Implications Of The New MySpace

The reborn MySpace, backed by pop culture guru Justin Timberlake, is officially accepting users.

Early opinions of the reinvented platform range from admiring to awestruck to underwhelmed.

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MIT Professor Creates Algorithm To Predict Trending Topics On Twitter – Before Twitter

How much do you think businesses would pay to know which topics would be trending on Twitter before they happen?

We’re not talking about paying for promoted trends here. This MIT professor claims to have figured out how to predict topics that will organically trend on Twitter before Twitter even knows they will trend. 

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American Millennials Increasingly Cruise Twitter For News

Where do you go for news? For break news, you likely check Twitter – who doesn’t? (Non Twitterers, yes, we know.)

But where do you go on a daily basis to see what’s what? Google News? Yahoo? A crinkly, oversized, ‘gonna give you a paper cut’ newspaper?

Yep, folks are staining their fingers on newspapers’ pages less and less – and particularly those under 30.

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Twitter’s New Interest Targeting Is Interesting, But Will It Work?

Twitter announced a new offering today: Interest targeting. And it’s . . . interesting.

Unlike Facebook, which focuses on clearly identified audience segments, Twitter has decided it will identify target audiences based on “interests.” This sounds great – but will it work?
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Is Twitter Making Girls Appear More Aggressive?

There’s been a lot of discussion in academic and even pop culture circles about whether or not Twitter is dumbing down our language. Its 140 character restriction is often cited as encouraging “text speak” like changing you to u, leaving out punctuation and other grammar atrocities.

But this is the first time we’ve heard that Twitter might not only be eroding language, but it might be changing the personalities of those who use it, especially young girls.
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Students Studying Twitter And Social Media In College

Trying to decide what you want to go to (or back to) college for? How about social media? If you want to become a community manager it makes sense! Or maybe you want to be a data analyst? Either way – these programs have you covered!
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Why Didn’t Twitter Snag Instagram?

So the day after every platform was swamped with news of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, folks are beginning to wonder why Twitter didn’t make the first move and snap up the extremely popular photo-sharing application. And the fact that Twitter cofounder, Jack Dorsey, was an investor in Instagram has people scratching their heads and wondering, “What was he thinking?”
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Has The “Tweet Seat” Already Been Patented?

Ahh, the tweet seat. Those block of seats reserved for smartphone-addicted patrons of movies, the theater and sporting events. While they’re not everywhere yet, more and more venues are encouraging patrons to bring their phones and tweet during events – but only in specific seating, so as not to bother the other guests.

Sounds like a neat idea (although it definitely has its detractors), but should it be patentable? One company seems to think so, and they’re gunning for at least one event venue with their “ownership” of tweet seats.
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