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Is Twitter A “Prison” Or A “Wonderful Enabler Of Content Consumption?” Two Journalists Debate

On, two columnists posted adjacent editorials regarding their opinions of Twitter.

The first was called, “Why I Hate Twitter” and the second, “Why I Love Twitter.”

Two interesting perspectives, worth summarizing – and adding our own commentary.

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Is Therapy Via Twitter Advisable – Or Even Legal?

Along with greatly increased knowledge and productivity, our digital age brings with it concerns and questions aplenty surrounding privacy.

One related hot topic area is therapy. Specifically, is social media an appropriate arena for therapy to take place?

Let’s dive into this a little bit.

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The Definition Of Twitter, In Tweet Form

Looking at some of David Foster Wallace’s notebooks from the archives at the Ransom Center in Texas, dating from around 1999, the New Yorker found that the beloved modern writer once said that the Internet was “the bathroom wall of the American psyche.”

That kernel of wisdom led the New Yorker to ask its readers to define Twitter in one tweet.

They got some very interesting responses.

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Is Twitter Ruining Our Writing Skills?

In a recent article, The Telegraph reflects on one Cambridge professor’s assertion that Twitter is causing students’ writing skills to “go down the plug hole.”

It’s not the first time the claim has been made that the brevity and fast pace of microblogging negatively impacts written expression.

But how much merit is there to it?

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Four Reasons To Not Put All Your Social Media Eggs In One Basket

Maintaining an active presence on multiple social media networks can be time-consuming, and even stressful.

We’re partial to the mobile-friendly connective prowess of Twitter, but there’s indisputably huge value in all the big players: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, GooglePlus.

Each one serves different purposes and is more effective at certain things. Each one has different impact and influence in different areas.

And that’s exactly why it’s a mistake to put all your social media eggs in one basket – a.k.a choose just one network to be active on. Here’s why.

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Twitter Slammed For Low-Paid ‘Human Data Analysts’ – But Are Critics MisInformed?

Have you heard about how Twitter search works? They employee real-live people to analyze, categorize and just overall make sense of tweet data. And the folks who perform this “human data analysis” are found on a site called Mechanical Turk.

According to some sources, these workers MUST be low paid – and correspondingly, exploited somehow. But we think these critics may be misinformed.

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Twitter vs. Email Marketing

For all of the engagement opportunity that social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn present, they also offer limited measurement capability outside of growth.

Thus, from a marketer’s standpoint, the power of the e-newsletter: easily trackable links and conversions, and major insight into what readers do with your messaging (forward it? delete it? unsubscribe from it?).

So what’s a marketer to do? How can the digital-word-of-mouth power of Twitter be harnessed but in a trackable email-like way?

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How To Self-Diagnose And Cure Your Twitter Addiction, In Pictures

New Year’s is the best time of year to check in with yourself for a little annual health appraisal.

Eyesight any worse? Exercising frequently? Avoiding those carbs?

Addicted to Twitter?

Weaning yourself off from Twitter, if your obsession with it is becoming unhealthy, is no small feat. But we’re here to help stage an intervention.

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Is Randi Zuckerberg A Twitter Bully?

You’ve likely seen it reported countless times by now: Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, screwed up the privacy settings on a family photo and it ended up on Twitter. And she got all shades of angry about it.

People are saying it isn’t news (though it so obviously is) or they’re having fun focusing on the hilarious irony of the slip-up and her reaction to it – but what about the poor woman who unintentionally shared this “private moment?”

Is Randi Zuckerberg a Twitter bully?

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‘Outing’ Someone On Twitter Can Be Dangerous – And Illegal

Anonymous outed some pedophiles earlier this year and were widely (and appropriately) lauded online for that bit of handiwork.

But in this latest ‘outing’ by Anonymous though, they apparently got it wrong, misidentifying a 71-year-old woman as the person behind a fake Connecticut school shooter account.

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