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Would You Wear The Bra That Tweets Whenever It’s Unclasped?

Would You Wear The Bra That Tweets Whenever It's Unclasped?

There’s something very pleasing about particularly innovative uses of social media, and a new campaign from OgilvyOne Athens, which proposes to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of a regular self-check breast examination, is one of the most creative I’ve seen.

Let’s take a closer look at the tweeting bra.

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Follow Breaking News On Twitter With Experimental (And Official) @EventParrot Account

Follow Breaking News On Twitter With Experimental (And Official) @EventParrot Account

Last month Twitter revealed that it tests a least one “experiment” each day – a small feature that it rolls out to a limited subset of users to basically see what happens. If the feature tests well, more users get to try it out, and so on, until the experiment becomes an actual part of the network for everyone.

One of these experiments was @MagicRecs, a profile that recommends @accounts based on the following habits of people you already follow. @MagicRecs is now a fully-fledged Twitter feature, and following in its heels is @EventParrot, which proposes to help you keep up with what’s happening in the world.

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61Fresh Aggregates Boston-Related News, As Tweeted By Boston Residents

61Fresh Aggregates Boston-Related News, As Tweeted By Boston Residents

Created by the Boston Globe’s R&D group and funded by a Knight Foundation grant, 61Fresh is a crowd-driven news aggregator that uniquely utilizes Bostonians’ tweets to source and rank stories by popularity.

Dan McLaughlin, from the @globelab team, told Twitter,

“Our primary goal is to highlight Boston news that Bostonians are talking about. So we follow Twitter users in the Boston metro area, and look at the links they’re tweeting.”

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Sign Of The Times? Amazon Kindle Fire Press Release Composed Of 14 Tweets

Sign Of The Times? Amazon Kindle Fire Press Release Composed Of 14 TweetsThe world of public relations has arguably been more shaken up by the rapid growth of social media, certainly in terms of brand marketing, than any other business.

Indeed, more than one PR rep I’ve spoken to has told me that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have essentially removed the need to send out the once-reliable press release – increasingly, recipients are more likely to read and respond to PR updates sent on social media platforms than they are good, old-fashioned email alerts.

It’s fitting, then, that Amazon chose Twitter to send out the press release for the latest version of its Kindle Fire, and they did so over 14 tweets.

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A Handy Roadmap To What You Can Cross-Post From One Social Network To Another

The flow of data around the social web can make finding each thread’s origin tricky.

ReadWrite produced a fantastic map that displays the intricate relationships among today’s major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr and Path.

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The 2,500 Top Beers On Twitter [MAP]

PeekAnalytics is at it again, culling through Twitter data to map out the most popular brands in different categories.

This time around, they’ve created the intriguing, thirst-inducing PeekAnalytics #BeerMap, which they’ve provided to AllTwitter as an exclusive.

It’s a searchable global map of 2,500+ beers brands/breweries across more than 15K cities and towns.

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Tagboard Provides A Hub For Any Hashtag Across Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, App.Net And Google+

Now that hashtags have proliferated across social media – not just Twitter – it’s often helpful to see what content is popular around a certain hashtag on more than one network.

Very cool tool Tagboard lets you do just that.

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How The World Reacted To The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Announcement (On Twitter) [MAP]

Tokyo has been chosen to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, winning the final round of voting by the by International Olympic Committee (IOC) to beat Istanbul by 60 votes to 36.

Tokyo last hosted the Games in 1964, and the 2020 win was an emotional victory for Japan, who celebrated accordingly.

But how did the world react?

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Bieber, Google, Gaga, CNN, Taylor And Facebook – 20 First Tweets From Twitter’s Elite

Remember your first tweet?

Last week we documented how a new update from Topsy made it really easy for anyone to find their very-first tweets that they wrote on Twitter and, as you would expect, for most of us, they’re pretty lame.

But what about Twitter’s elite? Surely their first tweets were absolutely amazing? What an opportunity to shine!

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Pillsbury’s Strudel Düdeler Turns Tweets Into Icing Art

Now you can literally eat what you tweet, thanks to Pillsbury Toaster Strudel’s Twitter campaign.

The Pillsbury Strudel Düdeler, a machine powered by tweets, makes icing art on your Toaster Strudel. More details on how it works, below.

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