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How One Company Used #ValenVines To Win Twitter Today

Did you create a ValenVine for your Valentine today? If not, you missed out. But no worries – there’s always next year. Or HallowVine. (You get the idea. And yes, I know that doesn’t work nearly as well.)

Some people were ALL over it though – and one company in particular created about a bazillion Vines in response to followers tweets. All hilarious. (Mostly hilarious.)

If you thought our post earlier was “dumb,” get your angry pills ready – because this one is entirely and unapologetically stupid.

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OWN Host Tells How Twitter Got Him a Book Deal

In three short years, Paul Carrick Brunson has gone from a virtually unknown matchmaker to a best-selling author with his own show on OWN. So, how did he become a “real-life Hitch”? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the relationship coach tells how in the latest installment of Mediabistro’s  So What Do You Do?

“I’m always really transparent on social media, so I went on Twitter and tweeted to my followers that I was thinking about writing a book,” Brunson said. “And one of the associate publishers at Penguin saw it and said, ‘Hey, if you ever write something, let us know. We’d love to look at it.’ A couple months later, I sent him a direct message on Twitter and told him that I had finished the proposal, and he said that he would love to have me come in. I immediately went to New York — no agent — and sat down and had a meeting with them. Within four hours of the meeting I had a deal, and I signed it the next day.”

Read the full interview in So What Do You Do, Paul Carrick Brunson, Matchmaker and Co-host of OWN’s Lovetown, USA?

How To Know Immediately The Next Time Twitter Is Down

Yep, Twitter has been going up and down like a merry-go-round today. Has this annoyed you? Affected business interactions possibly? Or maybe the only real trouble you’ve had is wasting time reading posts reporting these supposedly catastrophic outages (they’re really not a huge deal).

So we will now save you from having to read said posts ever again, by showing you how you can know immediately the next time Twitter is down.

And when those “OH MY GOD, TWITTER IS DOWN!!!” posts pop up, you can just ignore them. Unless Twitter is down ALL day. But we’ll show you where to go then too.

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Want To Tell Someone Off Publicly Without The Drama? Send A Subtweet

Ever want to give someone ‘what for’ because they’re SUPER annoying in a very specific way? Sure you do. But you probably hold back because you don’t want this big dramatic confrontation to follow.

Consider the subtweet – if you haven’t already.

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How To NOT Get Catfished On Twitter

What’s that? You don’t know what “catfishing” is? It’s being fooled into an online relationship with someone who isn’t who they pretend to be. They’re either lying in part or have made up a completely fake persona just for you! Don’t feel flattered – they’re stalker-quality weirdos.

Who would fall for this? Ask Manti Te’o. HIS fake girlfriend even died! Talk about committing to a role.

As the Internets debate whether or not Te’o was “in on it” (let’s hope he was!), we have some tips to help you avoid your own catfishing adventure.

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The Tao of Twitter [Review]

You probably know that Twitter is a powerful communication tool, but many just don’t really get how to use it. If you want to master Twitter, you need to understand the Tao of Twitter – or the way it works.

So if you’re struggling, you should be thrilled to learn that Mark Schaefer wrote this book just for you (in a cosmic sense).

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Still Using Posterous? Here’s How To Export Your Posts (Before Twitter Closes It Down For Good)

Back in March we reported on Twitter’s buyout of popular blogging platform Posterous – the move was an “acquihire” from Twitter, who announced that “Posterous engineers, product managers and others will join our teams working on several key initiatives that will make Twitter even better”.

Twitter also told users who would like to back up their content or move their posts to another service that “clear instructions for doing so” would be provided “in the coming weeks”.

Well, eight months later, you can now finally export your Posterous content to somewhere else. And we really recommend that you do.

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Hashtag Battle Fridays Show How To Engage An Audience With Fun Ideas

Promoting your business on Twitter can be tricky. You don’t want to just spam folks with links to your blog posts, yet creating a personality for your brand has its drawbacks.

What if there was another way? Mass Relevance seems to have found one – and we have suggestions for a couple more.

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How To Tell If A Tweet Is Credible

You see them all the time – outrageous tweets making outrageous claims. You know the work-from-home scams are just that, of course, but what about tweets that pop up during emergencies? If you use Twitter for the latest breaking news, or worse – depend on the information it provides during an emergency – you may be in trouble.

Unless, that is, you could tell if a tweet was credible or not.

Well, we have some tips from people who have been studying just that.

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How To Follow The Pope (Or Anyone) On Twitter Without Joining Twitter

Have some friends who are on the fence about joining Twitter for whatever crazy reason – and want a way to convince them to join? Entice them by letting them see what some interesting folks tweet!

No, you don’t have to sit beside them with your Twitter open or send screenshots of tweets, you just need to direct them to this handy website and provide them with a few simple instructions (along with that list of great Twitter accounts to follow) and voila! We bet they’ll be tweeting in no time.

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