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Twitter Complies With Police Subpoena For Aurora Copycat Account Information

Twitter has agreed to hand over the account information of an individual who threatened to carry out a theater shooting similar to the recent tragedy in Aurora.
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Sexual Assault Victim Faces Charges For Naming Attackers In Tweet

Naming a sexual assault victim on Twitter is foul and should be penalized (and has happened before), but what should happen if it’s the victim naming her attackers?

A 17-year-old girl in Kentucky is about to find out. She admittedly defied a gag order and went public with her attackers’ names on Twitter.

And she now faces charges for doing so. But should she?
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Join Tomorrow’s Twitter Bomb Targeting Student Loan Forgiveness

First off, what’s a Twitter bomb? It’s when a group of people send multiple tweets out about a specific topic.

And this topic, student loan forgiveness, is a doozy. At least in the U.S., it is.
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Bahrain Activist Sentenced To Three Months In Jail For Tweeting Insults

Charged with tweeting insulting comments about the Prime Minister, a Bahrain activist has been sentenced to three months behind bars.
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Twitter Must Reveal Bullies’ Identities Or Be Held Legally Responsible, New Law Says

Unless Twitter coughs up the identities of those using 140 characters to abuse, slander and otherwise troll victims, a newly proposed UK law would see the company hauled into court to pay hefty fines.
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Kuwaiti Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Jail Because Of Mohammad Tweets

A 26-year-old Kuwaiti man has been sentenced to ten years in prison for tweeting insults about the Prophet Mohammad and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain rulers.
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Man Convicted Of Sending “Menacing” Tweet Gets Appeal Hearing

In one of the more bizarre legal cases involving Twitter to date, English citizen Paul Chambers is getting a second chance to appeal his conviction over a “joke” tweet.
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What Happens To Your Twitter When You Die? Creating A Social Media Will

If you’re active on social media, you should really consider what will happen to your social media accounts when you kick the bucket.

Twitter does have a policy for deactivating deceased users’ accounts, but what if you don’t want it deactivated? Ethics and creepiness factor aside, you may want it to stay put for whatever reason – at least for a period of time. As we spoke to before, for example, what’s the proper etiquette for informing followers of your passing?

Though you may view this as burdening your loved ones with one more ‘to do,’ you may actually be saving them from the huge hassle of dealing with collection calls and such after your unthinking booty’s identity is stolen.

Not to mention the perpetual embarrassment of seeing your name come up in certain search results. Ahem.

Point is, there’s a lot more to consider.
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French Politicians Demands Defamer Tweet “Sorry” 466 Times

It’s a bizarre punishment, but two French politicians want their defamer to tweet “sorry” 466 times to atone for his rude words.
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George Zimmerman’s Defense Creates A Twitter Account

It’s an unconventional move, maybe even the first of its kind: George Zimmerman’s defense lawyer has set up a Twitter account, Facebook account and blog in his client’s name.
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