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Twitter Etiquette

Russian Officials Asked To Post ‘Proper Messages’ On Twitter

As a site known for celebrity meltdowns and scandals such as Weinergate (he just returned to Twitter today, by the way), Twitter probably tops the list of PR reps’ ‘nightmares waiting to happen.’

So it’s not surprising that Russian officials have decided to err on the side of caution and recommend its officials show restraint when posting to Twitter.

Why? They’ve been a bit naughty in the past.

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10 Twitter Assumptions That Are False

Making assumptions is not nice, so stop making assumptions about others on Twitter based on silly things like what they say and how they say it . . . except those two things DO actually count for quite a bit. If you are unsure as to WHY what and how you say something on Twitter is important, then you must have missed this post where we told you that you are what you tweet. If so, you might as well brush up on how to craft the perfect tweet while you’re at it.

But honestly, most of the assumptions folks make should really be reconsidered – starting with these ten Twitter assumptions that are usually false.
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4 Twitter Atrocities That Could (And Probably Should) Get You Fired

Okay, “atrocity” is probably too strong of a word, but these are definitely atrocious behaviors that could put you in some hot water – as they should! And there are certainly more than four, so feel free to add your favorite Twitter faux pas at the end of the list.
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Skip The Sales Pitch When Tweeting Your Articles

There’s nothing more hated than a pushy salesman on Twitter. So avoid going overboard trying to “sell” your online story to garner engagement. Instead, says Will Scott, CEO of Search Influence, hone in on the concepts your stories stand for.

“People won’t typically ‘like’ your product. They’re going to like ideas, emotions and causes for which your product may stand,” said Scott.

Sara Wilson, a senior editor for The Huffington Post, suggests skipping the headline altogether when constructing a related tweet. “Make it personal. Tweet a question, a joke, a hint of what’s to come,” she said. “Make it conversational; it should not seem like it’s coming from a bot.”

Get more strategies in 9 Ways to Get More Comments, Tweets and Likes for Your Story.

Trash Talk Works Wonders For LA Kings’ Twitter Stream [INFOGRAPHIC]

The LA Kings may not be the most popular hockey team in the NHL, but it just might be the sassiest – and the smartest when it comes to social media. After beating the Canucks 4-2 at the Game 1 opener in Vancouver, the official LA Kings Twitter feed sent out the following tweet: “To everyone in Canada outside of BC, you’re welcome.” And wow, did that cause a spike in their popularity!
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Retweets Actually DO Imply Some Form Of Endorsement, Sorry

Is it time to say goodbye to the all-too-common disclaimer seen on social networking accounts telling us that “retweets do not imply endorsement?” It seems we’re abusing it and using it as an excuse to post whatever we want without consequence. Should this trend continue or should we own up to the fact that you really are what you tweet and like it or not, your retweets DO imply some form of endorsement.
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Why Would ANYONE Unfollow ME On Twitter?

So somebody unfollowed you, huh?

How about that. How dare they. The sheer audacity. What on earth can you do?

We all have our own reasons for why we choose to unfollow (or block) certain individuals on Twitter. It might be because you see them as a spammer, find them abusive or rude, or have had problems with them on another network. Or it could simply be – and this is true in the majority of cases – that the content of their Twitter timeline isn’t something that is interesting or relevant to your needs.

The key word here is your. It’s your Twitter. You shape it how you see fit, and that includes who you choose to follow, and who you choose to unfollow.

And the best part? This works both ways.

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Racism Running Rampant On Twitter

While the “Kill Zimmerman” account that everyone is talking about today is shocking, should we really be surprised to see this on Twitter, as it follows on the heels of racist Muamba and Hunger Games tweets? The real question is – where will it end?
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Did Somebody Offend You On Twitter? Then YOU Are The Problem, And YOU Need To Get Over It

Welcome to Twitter.

It’s a magical place. News, blog posts, websites, photos, video, music, thoughts, ideas, gossip and opinions are shared in their millions, in real-time, at the click of a button. Members are free to literally say whatever they want.

And sometimes, the things that they say will upset you, and you are going to get offended.

Whatever are you going to do?

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Taking Twitter Followers With You When You Leave

breaking ropeSome would argue that @MayorofLondon seems to pretty clearly represent the Twitter stream of the Mayor of London, regardless of who that person is. Others may disagree with this statement – like Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London, who changed the name of the account to @BorisJohnson on day one of the mayoral election campaign, taking 200k+ Twitter followers with him. He has since changed it back, but it raises an interesting question and one we’ll see more often: who owns your Twitter account?
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