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Archives: January 2011

9 Super Annoying Twitter Personality Types

Are you a Twitter robot? Or are you more the celebrity type? There are a few ways you can annoy your followers on Twitter, and we’ve got 9 of them here for you: if you find yourself nodding in agreement with any one of these personality types, you might want to rethink your tweeting strategy.

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How to Convince Your Boss to Pay You to Tweet

Do you know the basics of Twitter?  Do you find yourself checking Facebook or YouTube several times an hour?  Well you may be able to convince your boss to pay you to mess around with these social media sites, for your company.  Or you may be able to create work for yourself, in a company that has not yet embraced the world of social marketing. Read more

When Is The Best Time To Tweet?

For me, it’s 2.45pm.

This is a service provided by, and it works by simply analysing the time in which your followers are most active. Simply enter your username and away you go. No password or authentication needed, but it can take a few minutes to crunch your numbers, depending on how popular you are.

For me, this is all GMT, of course, as I’m in the UK, and that makes sense because from 2pm GMT the US audience (which make up a large part of my followers) start to become active on Twitter as they wake up – 2pm GMT being between 6am and 8am in the USA, depending on which part of the country they’re in. Moreover, it’s also when a lot of UK and European followers will have returned from lunch. End result: most (if not all) of my active followers will be checking out Twitter at this time.

Although if you look at the chart it’s actually pretty much anytime between about 2pm and 9.30pm. Which is nice to know.

Of course, often this stuff is more art than science, and you could argue that it’s more important having the right people reading your content, inasmuch as influencers and power retweeters, and they might be active at a completely different time.

And because of how this works if you’re also in the UK then I’d imagine your chart will be similar to mine. But wherever you are, if maximising tweet exposure is important to you then this is worth a look. After all, a little experimentation with when you send out your most important stuff could really pay off – especially if you’re currently scheduling your tweets at completely the wrong time.

Cricket Captain Refuses to Quit Twitter After Dating Fiasco

When Cricket Australia encouraged its players to use Twitter, they probably didn’t intend for it to be used as a dating service for romantically down on their luck Cricket stars, but that’s just what Michael Clarke, captain of the Australian cricket team, did. Once again, sports franchises are caught between the advantages of using social media as an advertising tool and the challenges of actually allowing athletes to Tweet.

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Another Political Twitter Blunder: Prankster Takes Over @LeaderHoyer Account

It seems like politicians just haven’t been able to figure out how to transition from one Twitter name to another without hitting some bumps on the road to a new identity. During the midterm elections this past November, several politicians switched their Twitter handle to better represent their new position, most notable @SpeakerPelosi being ditched in favor of @NancyPelosi when Peolsi lost her position as the Speaker of the House. However, not every transition has been so smooth: Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer’s old account was taken over by a prankster, and tweeted some rather embarrassing messages during the President’s State of the Union earlier this week.
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Rumor: Twitter Hires Bing Search Scientist Alek Kotcz

It looks like Twitter has enticed yet another former Microsoft employee over to its team: Alek Kotcz, Principle Scientist at Microsoft’s Bing search engine appears to have left Bing for Twitter. Although this is still in rumor phase, there are several indications that Kotcz has joined the Twitter team, and we expect this to be made official in the coming days.
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Twitter Quietly Rolls out “Connections” Feature, Gets Rid of “You Both Follow”

If you navigate to a profile page today, you won’t see the usual “You Both Follow” list of accounts that both you and that profile both follow – instead, you’ll notice a more prominent “Connections” box. This displays the users who you both follow, as well as the users who follow both of you.
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Egyptian Government, Telecom Operator Deny Blocking Twitter

Both the Egyptian government and the company behind the government’s network claim to have no involvement in the reported blocking of Twitter. Since Tuesday, Twitter has been largely inaccessible from within Egypt, except through a few third-party applications.
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What Would Happen If Twitter Reset Everybody’s Follower Count?

At first? There would be quite a bit of panic.

Six months later pretty much everything would be back to how it was.

Here’s the thing: once you’ve been on Twitter for a while the number of followers you have is (more often than not, and like it or not) a fair representation of your social status.

People with millions of followers are always world-famous figures or brands, and people with very few followers are not.

Yes, you can be famous ‘on the internet’. But don’t kid yourself by thinking that your favourite garage band is more deserving of followers than TechCrunch. It’s about influence.

Follower ratio is massively important, too. Two different accounts (X & Y) each with ten thousand followers are not necessarily equal. If profile X is following 500 people, and profile Y is following 10,001, then profile X wins.

Some people have been given boosts. And there are exceptions who break all of these rules. But they’re rare. Increasingly so, in fact.

Unless you’re also the biggest celebrity on the planet then there’s no point thinking you deserve more followers than Lady Gaga, because you don’t. You’re never going to surpass her, and it isn’t because she has this huge head start. It’s because she’s Lady Gaga, and you’re not.

If an electromagnetic pulse wiped all of Twitter’s follower data tomorrow, the exact same people would rise to the top of the tree – and this includes the mass-follow-unfollowers, as they’d inevitably reap the same ‘rewards’ (worthless as those networks typically are) – and by summer things would be essentially as they were. There would be some casualties, but Twitter’s top 100 would rise again, like a phoenix.

Ignore people who say that follower counts don’t matter. They absolutely do, but not in the way that many typically think. Having an engaged and active network is far more important than anything else, but your follower number, and your follower ratio, does tell us something.

It tells us this is who you are.

86% of Mobile Internet Users are Surfing (and Tweeting!) While Watching TV [Stats]

Do you tweet while watching Glee? Did you pontificate in 140-characters during the State of the Union address? Apparently, nearly 90% of Americans who use mobile internet are using it while watching TV. So if you are multi-tasking writing a tweet, keeping up with a hashtag chat and watching the latest star get kicked off a reality show, just know that you’re not alone.
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