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Archives: June 2011

Creating Art Via Twitter

Much ado is often made about creating art via Facebook, but I’m here to tell you that it’s just as thrilling over here on Twitter.  Whether you want to create something on your own or with others, Twitter is one of the best tools to let you curate to your heart’s content.
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Advanced Twitter Terminology To Get You Tweeting Like A Pro

If you’ve mastered the ability to condense your thoughts into 140 characters and have @reply conversations with people on Twitter, it’s time you stepped up your game and learned some of the more advanced Twitter terminology.
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If You Don’t Want To Google It, Try Asking Twitter Instead [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all turn to Google for answers to our everyday questions. But if the top ten SEO-ed results just aren’t doing their job, why not try asking Twitter instead?

Twitter’s #lazyweb hashtag has been floating around the network for years, working as a way to get your question out there to a broader Twitter audience than just your immediate followers. Although it has been on the decline in recent years, #lazyweb might just see a resurgence if the below infographic takes off.
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Coffee Shop Makes Alleged Homophobic Slur On Twitter, Loses Business, Blames Plato

In yet another example of ignorant people saying ignorant things on Twitter and then having to live with the consequences, San Antonio-based Brown Coffee Company recently published a tweet on their feed that many in the media have taken as a homophobic outcry against the recent legalisation of same sex marriage in New York.

As a direct result of the slur Brown have deleted their Facebook page and protected their Twitter feed, and even made an attempt at an excuse apology via their blog. But the timing and callousness of the message has already led to some loss of business for the firm, and it might not end there.

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Twitpic Founder Arrested For Public Nudity, Posts Proof (On Twitpic)

Assuming it’s true, this one’s pretty meta.

A few hours ago, Twitpic founder Noah Everett made a rather bizarre announcement on his Twitter profile: namely, that he’d just been arrested for, of all things, public nudity, and was being put ‘in the back of a cop car’.

Everett then went on to post photographic proof of the event to – where else – Twitpic.

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Biz Stone Is Leaving Twitter

Yet another Twitter co-founder is leaving the company. In a blog post penned Tuesday, Biz Stone has said that he will be leaving Twitter to work on other projects.
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The Pope Sends His First Tweet [VIDEO]

The Vatican is really getting on board with social media. They’ve had a Twitter account for some time now, but today marks the very first tweet sent by the Pope himself.
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Who’s The Most Powerful World Leader According To Social Media?

OK, if you guessed Barack Obama, you’d be right. But that one’s a given. Take Obama off the list, and who makes the top 5, top 10, and top 25 world leaders according to their social media presence? I bet you’ll be surprised at some of the names on the list.
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Move Over Sports Commentators, Twitter’s Vying For Your Job

Not only is Twitter a great place to hear about the latest celebrity scandal, but it’s also a haven for sports fans. News about the players and teams spreads like wildfire on Twitter, minutes after it breaks. Researchers from Rice University, Houston noticed this trend, and wanted to see just how far they could take it – and it looks like Twitter might just put the folks in the sports commentator industry out of their jobs.
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How to Manage and Filter Your Twitter Feeds

One of the biggest complaints I get when I’m teaching people how to use Twitter is that they have trouble following everything that’s going on. There is so much information coming at them, it’s overwhelming and they can’t keep it all straight. Even for seasoned pros, the more peeps you’re following, the longer and more cluttered your feeds can be. How do you streamline everything?
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