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North Korea’s Official Twitter Profile Gets Hacked By Anonymous

North Korea’s government-run Twitter and Flickr accounts, and some of its official websites, have been taken over by a person (or persons) claiming to represent the hacktivist group Anonymous.

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‘Outing’ Someone On Twitter Can Be Dangerous – And Illegal

Anonymous outed some pedophiles earlier this year and were widely (and appropriately) lauded online for that bit of handiwork.

But in this latest ‘outing’ by Anonymous though, they apparently got it wrong, misidentifying a 71-year-old woman as the person behind a fake Connecticut school shooter account.

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Anonymous Taunts FBI On Twitter Over Hacked Apple IDs

Anonymous has 12 million Apple device IDs that they claim were hacked from an FBI laptop – and the IDs appear to be legit.

The FBI denies the IDs came from them, but Anonymous is not letting up, taunting the @FBIPressOffice on Twitter.

How will this end? The story keeps developing. So other than the likelihood of seeing Gawker reporter, Adrian Chen in a tutu, nothing is certain right now.

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Anonymous Twitter Troll Made Public By Victim

Ever get harassed by an anonymous troll on Twitter and wonder what it would take to figure out who it is?

Brian Cormier just found out. It takes approximately $7k.

But he’s fighting to get that money back – from his newly revealed ‘no-longer-anonymous’ friend.
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Anonymous Exposes Pedophiles On Twitter

What’s worse than knowing pedophiles exist in the world?

How about having them get all ‘in your face’ on Twitter with posts looking for, talking about or sharing pictures of children? Yeah, this is happening – and Anonymous is exposing them, one sick twist at a time.

And you can help.
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Twitter Is Sponsoring The Apache Foundation (And Anonymous Seems To Approve)

Twitter announced on Thursday that it would join the ranks of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo as sponsors of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).
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‘Anonymous’ Hacker Brags On Twitter And Gets Caught

We imagine that one of the hardest parts about being an ‘Anonymous’ hacker is remaining anonymous. We’re not talking about shielding your identity from authorities, as they seem to have that pretty wrapped up, we mean not bragging to folks that you’re one of the masterminds behind the mayhem. Seems a few hackers struggle with just that – like Anonymous hacker, John Anthony Borell III. He got sloppy on Twitter and now he’s in a world of trouble for it.
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Surprise Over Anonymous Attacks In Britain and China Surprising

While the Anonymous China Twitter account appears to be relatively new, with fewer than 100 tweets at the time of this writing, the Anonymous UK account has been open for more than two years and has more than 4,000 tweets. This begs the question: How are government entities and businesses continuously caught off guard by these attacks – or are they just unable to stop them?
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25% Of People Have Tweeted Something They Regret [STATS]

Even though the internet is becoming less and less anonymous, people are still treating it like a free-for-all without rules or repercussions. At least according to a recent poll conducted to see just how responsible people are on Twitter and Facebook.
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Confess Your Secrets From This Anonymous Twitter Account

We all have things we need to get off our chest. Dark, dirty little secrets that we need to tell or be forever burdened.

The creators of want to help you relieve the pressure of keeping a secret, without any of the repercussions of telling all of your friends, family and coworkers about that embarrassing medical problem or closet Justin Bieber obsession.
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