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Ever Wanted To Be Someone Else On Twitter? Try ShadowMe

We’ve all felt a twinge of of Twitter envy from time to time. This account breaks news faster than us, that account has more followers… well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

There’s a brand new app that lets come as close as possible to actually becoming someone else on Twitter, shadowing their timeline to see exactly what they see when they log in.
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Twitter Is Working On A Windows 8 App (Finally)

Windows fans, you can exhale: Twitter has confirmed that they’re hard at work on a shiny new app made especially for Windows 8.
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Another App Falls Victim To Twitter’s Stricter API Guidelines:

There have been a slew of high-profile apps disconnecting from Twitter in recent weeks thanks to the company’s recent tightening of its API guidelines. And the latest app on the chopping block?
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Discover How Many Of Your Followers Are Fake, More Accurately Than Ever

There’s been a lot of buzz – almost a roar, really – about the number of fake followers on Twitter lately. And it all started with this little app: Fakers by Social People, which calculates how many followers of any Twitter account are inactive and how many are downright fake.

And now this simple app has been updated to pinpoint your Twitter fakers even more precisely than before.
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Which Companies Have The Most Fake Followers On Twitter? [STUDY]

Last week a little app called Fakers by Status People was launched, allowing anyone to check out how many of their Twitter followers are real and how many are bots, spam or just plain fake.

Business Insider liked the idea of testing for fakers, and took it one step further: they analysed the top companies on Twitter to see which ones were followed by the most fake accounts.

Curious to see which big names in business are all fluff when it comes to Twitter? Read on for the results.
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Wealthy Smartphone Users Just Don’t Have Time For Twitter [STUDY]

Maybe it’s because they’re managing all of their many assets using the latest apps, or they’re too busy booking first-class tickets to their next sun-soaked vacation, but wealthy smartphone users seem to simply have no time to string together 140 characters and hit “tweet”.
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Buffer Launches iPhone App So You Can Schedule Your Tweets On The Go

If you haven’t tried Buffer yet, you should. It’s a light-weight, simple tool for scheduling your tweets when your followers will see them, so you get more clicks, retweets and mentions.

And Buffer has just launched its brand new iPhone app, making it even easier for you to pop your tweets into your Buffer and let the magic happen – while you’re on the subway, at a restaurant or in the park.
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Is It Snowing Outside? Forget The Weather Channel – Use This Twitter Map Instead

Twitter is the new weather channel. From crowdsourcing the weather around the US to actually teaming up with The Weather Channel Twitter is proving to be the go-to place for the latest weather info.

This latest Twitter weather endeavor by @BenMarsh uses the hashtag #uksnow to track when and where snow is falling around the United Kingdom.
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Tweeki Twitter App Stays Pinned To Task Bar For Instant Twitter Access

Attention all you Twitter fiends, this app might just be for you: Tweeki, a new app from SweetLabs, will give you instant access to all your Twitter needs. The app is a lightweight program that stays pinned to your taskbar, so you don’t have to waste precious seconds loading up a web app or waiting for a desktop app to start.
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Twitter Integration With New Panasonic TV Is The Best Yet [PICS]

There are a few TVs on the market that offer social media integration, including Panasonic’s Viera line. However, the newly upgraded Viera features one of the most seamless integrations with Twitter we’ve seen yet, encouraging you to tweet your predictions for America’s next biggest thing or you all-caps shouts of “GOALLL!” when your team scores in the big game.
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