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What If The 2012 Presidential Elections Were Decided On Facebook And Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who would win the 2012 presidential elections if the vote was decided right now by the popularity of the individual candidates on Twitter and Facebook?

Well, perhaps not all that surprisingly, it would be current President Barack Obama, who has over five times as many Twitter followers as all the Republican candidates combined. But what about the opposition?

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President Obama Becomes Third Human, First Politician To Reach 10 Million Twitter Followers

American President Barack Obama has passed 10 million followers on Twitter, reaching this total on Saturday, September 10.

In doing so he becomes the third Twitter user to pass the lofty target, following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

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Drugs, Healthcare, China… Which Questions Were Ignored During Twitter’s #AskObama? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By most counts the first-ever White House Twitter Town Hall event on July 6 was a major success, both for Twitter and Barack Obama himself, with tens of thousands of questions sent to the President via the #AskObama hashtag.

To keep it relevant, Twitter created an algorithm that determined which questions were receiving the most retweets, favourites and replies, and so, while the President spoke for about an hour, he actually only answered 18 questions during the live broadcast. From a pool of 65,217.

So, here’s the question that really matters: which topics were left out?

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169,395 Tweets And 9 Million Followers For The President During #AskObama [REPORT]

Yesterday, President Barack Obama hosted a special and historic Town Hall on Twitter, answering questions submitted by Twitter users in the days leading up to the event.

The response was pretty incredible – tens of thousands of tweets were sent to the President using the #AskObama hashtag. Using specially-created algorithms that determined which tweets were receiving the most retweets, favourites and replies, 18 questions were selected in advance, and then read live by Twitter’s Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey, before being answered by the President, with @whitehouse summaries then retweeted by @townhall.

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Fox News Twitter Account Hacked, Declares President Obama Dead On Independence Day

Fox News Politics (@foxnewspolitics) is a verified account on Twitter with over thirty thousand followers.

The profile tweets in Fox’s normal way, sharing news and updates about the Presidency and politics, albeit with the network’s usual right-of-center bias.

And it’s that bias that will inevitably make the reaction to this news more severe. About 3 hours ago, @foxnewspolitics was hacked. Worse, they’ve written a series of tweets about President Obama being killed, and those messages have spread rapidly throughout the Twittersphere.

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Twitter Presents Townhall At The White House – What Will You #AskObama On July 6?

Recently we reported that President Obama has taken to tweeting personally from his Twitter account, signing off on messages he has written personally with his initials.

And on Tuesday we revealed that the President is the most powerful world leader according to social media.

Now, in a special collaboration with Twitter on July 6, 2011, the President will be answering your questions about the economy and jobs live via webcast directly from the White House.

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Obama Isn’t The Only 'Verified' Twitter Account Updated By Somebody Other Than The Person 'Verified'

There’s been some fuss over President Obama’s admission that despite having a verified account with over 2.5 million followers, he has never used Twitter at all.

“I have never used Twitter but I’m an advocate of technology and not restricting internet access,” says Obama, and good for him. Of course, and while this news does take away a little of the impact from some of the classic Obama tweets, you’d have to have been more than a little naive to think the leader of the Western world really had the time to write his own tweets.

Furthermore, and while we can perhaps excuse the President, Obama is hardly alone. There are many ‘verified’ Twitter accounts that are not, and likely never have been updated by the famous name linked therein. Here’s a brief list to whet your appetite:

The latter of course makes absolute sense – give Cruise just two weeks in social media and he’d completely unravel what is left of an already floundering career, torn to pieces as it has been by his own particular idiosyncrasies.

Obama Isn't The Only 'Verified' Twitter Account Updated By Somebody Other Than The Person 'Verified'

Quite. Still, all of this makes me wonder: for an account to be verified, do we need some guarantee that it’s actually the person authenticated who is making those updates? Is it good enough that it’s simply connected in some way to the real person? Shouldn’t they be getting involved, too?

If you want to make a news and announcements account, then at least give us the courtesy of, uh, announcing that bit of news.  One recent example of how this should be done is @Team_Barrowman, which provides news updates concerning the actor/entertainer John Barrowman. Another is the @McInTweet account, which provides updates about comedian Michael McIntyre. It is, however, a crying shame that McIntyre himself hasn’t embraced Twitter, unlike many of his British comic peers.

I’m busy, you’re busy, everybody is busy. If the lovely Milla Jovovich can update tons of times per day, while working on set, then so can you. And if you really don’t have the time, then be very clear that it’s not you doing the updates. Please – think of the fans.

Otherwise, all we’re really verifying is that account is official, inasmuch as somebody is being paid to update it by the verified person (or their reps) and their management has returned an email to say, “Yes, this is real.” And more importantly, certainly when it comes to Twitter’s legal position, that it’s not an impostor.

Who, let’s face it, does a more interesting job most of the time. Which leads me to suspect that something else is afoot. Maybe the celebrities hiding behind these managed accounts aren’t all that busy, after all. Quite possibly that’s just a convenient excuse. I wonder if a good number of them are suffering from a far more damaging predicament, and one that is significantly harder to shake off – that they’re very, very dull.

One Million Followers On Twitter? Big Deal. (Perhaps A Very Big Deal Indeed.)

Since I last wrote about the Twitter top 100 users (by popularity) there have been a few changes in the top ten.

Stephen Fry, who was looking a possible favourite for the overall number one spot just a month ago, has slipped from third to ninth. I’m not sure if there’s been any genuine backlash or whether other more world-famous celebrities have been more readily-followed by newcomers to the network, but he’s definitely lost momentum.

The Twitter top 100 (March 14, 2009)

Barack Obama held the number one position quite comfortably this time last month but he’s now been overtaken by the CNN breaking news account (@cnnbrk), although I wouldn’t expect this to continue indefinitely for a couple of reasons. One, that @cnnbrk isn’t actually that good at breaking news, and two, it doesn’t have the global appeal and eagerness to follow you back that Obama’s team does (Mr President doesn’t actually tweet himself). At the time of writing @cnnbrk is following just one other user, some guy called James Cox. Why is this so? (I’ve asked Mr Cox, but have yet to receive a reply.)

A few other celebrities have moved up the leaderboard in the last fortnight, notably @aplusk and @jimmyfallon, and the @twitter account has, possibly rightly-so, entered the top three, but what I want to focus on within this article is the great leaps most of the main Twitter users have seen in their total follow counts.

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Can Anyone Catch Stephen Fry On Twitter? Here Are Five Celebrities Who Could.

Let’s face it: Stephen Fry‘s numbers on Twitter are insane.

Sure, Twittercounter will tell you he’s the #3 most followed user on the network, but the reality is that the two accounts above him – Barack Obama and CNN Breaking News – are not run by a single person. Obama’s account is in the hands of his PR team, and CNN have God knows how many people working on their Internet output.

The reality is that of all the people that do their own updates on Twitter, Fry is #1. This also, by default, makes him the #1 celebrity, as he’s, you know, famous.

Twitter has gone through enormous growth in the last 2-3 months, thanks predominately to the endorsement provided to the masses by the likes of Fry et al, but even then Stephen’s stats are pretty unbelievable. Check it out:

Stephen Fry @

This is just in the last month. On January 20, Fry had 51,881 followers. As of the time of writing this post, he has 208,750. That’s a four-fold increase. In a month.

Twitter itself has around 177,756 followers. Britney Spears, who is clearly far more famous globally than Fry, and who appears to occasionally contribute to her account, is the #2 celebrity with 156,596. Lance Armstrong, at #7 overall on Twitter, has 140,332. Al Gore has 123,989, despite only getting his team to update about once per month.

(I’m gonna throw a bone to Wil Wheaton here, who, as one of the first truly famous people to use Twitter – way back on June 14, 2008 – has 109,406 followers, and ranks #13 overall.)

But why? What is it about Fry that has made him of such appeal to the Twittersphere? And what manner of celebrity would it take to catch, and dare we say, pass him?

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