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How To Get Businesses To Pay Attention To Your Complaints On Twitter

How To Get Businesses To Pay Attention To Your Complaints On Twitter

If you follow even one business on Twitter, you’re part of the majority. But have you ever tried interacting with that business? Sending a question or complaint – and then being summarily ignored – is not a great feeling.

As a consumer on Twitter, you have a fair bit of power at your fingertips. Here’s how to get businesses to pay attention to you.

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Are Twitter Ads Actually Damaging Brands? [SURVEY]

A new survey suggests that social media users who see brand advertisement on Twitter and Facebook might actually become more negative towards those brands.
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How Many Of The Six Types Of Brand Advocates Are You Connected To On Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How important are the people your brand is connected to on social media? If you answered anything other than “very, very, really, super important,” you’re probably not doing social right!

People are the power behind your brand, and if you can connect with them in a meaningful way, they can become brand advocates: spreading positive word about your brand to their own networks. Here are six types of brand advocates that you can cultivate.
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Over Half Of All Twitter Users Follow At Least Six Brands

Twitter revealed yesterday that its users are very interested in hearing the 140-character musings of companies: over half follow six brands or more, and 88 percent follow at least one.
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What Cover Photo? Only 8% Of Top Brands Have Updated Their New Twitter Profile

Have you uploaded a shiny new picture to act as your Twitter cover photo yet? No? Well don’t worry about it, because neither have 92 out of the top 100 brands in the world, either.
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Should Brands Be Responsible For What Their Customers Tweet?

If I tweet something inappropriate to a brand, who is responsible? The obvious answer would be me, but in the fast-changing world of online advertising, things are never that simple.
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Strategic Tweeting: Fewer Hashtags And Tweeting When People Are Busiest [STUDY]

It might sound counter-intuitive, but a new study of some of the top brands on Twitter shows that tweeting with fewer hashtags and sending your tweets when people are busy is part of an effective Twitter strategy.
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How Social Is Your Supermarket? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does the produce section at your local supermarket tweet? We might not be quite at the point where the freshest apples will tweet to us letting us know when they were picked, but supermarkets are jumping on the social trend with gusto.
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How Do College Students Use Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

They’re the target market of many an energy drink and laptop company, and marketers love getting their hands on data about college students.

This infographic takes a look at how studious late teens and early twenty-somethings use Twitter: the brands they follow, how they tweet and more.
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What Causes Social Media Crises, And How Do They Spread? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Community managers have a great job, interacting with customers and ensuring a brand’s reputation is kept pristine online. However, crises do pop up, and more often than you’d think.

This infographic takes a look at the origin and triggers of 30 major social media crises of 2011, to see if there’s a method to the madness of irate tweets, annoyed status updates and vicious vloggers.
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