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Buffer Security Breach Resolved, But All Users Must Reconnect Their Twitter Accounts

Buffer Security Breach Resolved, But All Users Must Reconnect Their Twitter Accounts

You’ve likely heard about Buffer’s hacking incident this past weekend, during which a security breach caused 30,000 Buffer users who had a Facebook page connected (6.3% of Buffer users on Facebook) to have spam posted on their behalf to their followers, and affected a considerable amount of Buffer Twitter users as well.

The Buffer team has now determined the method which left their data vulnerable, and locked and secured it against future hacking. But all Buffers users who have their Twitter account connected to their Buffer profile must take the following step in order to continue using Buffer.

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Buffer Takes On HootSuite With New Custom Scheduling Feature

Buffer, the popular social media optimising app that lets you easily share content on Twitter (and other social platforms) throughout the day, continues to roll out new updates at an impressive pace. This year we’ve already had native retweeting, Echofon functionality and Buffer business plans, and today the company unveils its latest feature: custom scheduling.

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Echofon Partners With Buffer To Deliver Smart New Twitter App

Do you use Buffer, the popular social media optimising app that lets you easily share content (including, uniquely, native retweets) on Twitter (and other social platforms) throughout the day? How about Echofon, the simple yet elegant iPhone/Android Twitter client?

Good news. The two have joined forces to create one of the smartest Twitter clients yet – Echofon users will now be able to share directly to Buffer via the app, allowing them to easily schedule all types of tweets and retweets, grab analytics on their click data, and more.

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Attention, Twitter Marketers: You Can Now Schedule Any Kind Of Retweet With Buffer

We’re big fans of Buffer at AllTwitter, the popular social media optimising app that lets you easily share content on Twitter (and other social platforms) throughout the day.

Big news. Now, and for the first time (both on Buffer and ANY social media platform), you can use Buffer to schedule native retweets alongside your normal content. Old school, editable RT @ retweets are also supported, and the new functionality works on the web and mobile.

So what are you waiting for?

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Buffer Update Offers New Ways To Maximize Your Tweets

As you know from an earlier postBuffer is an app that uses an algorithm to determine the best time of day for your tweets to be sent.

It analyses your followers and their activity to see when they would be most receptive to your tweets, and can schedule dozens of them at a time to go out when you’ll see the most interaction.

And the folks at Buffer just added some more ways to help you handle your Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

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Schedule Your Tweets At The Best Times With Buffer For TweetCaster

Are you a TweetCaster user? Then this news is for you: Buffer and TweetCaster have teamed up to let you schedule your tweets to go out when the majority of your followers will actually see them. Here’s how it works:
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Buffer Launches Robust Real-Time Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Analytics – For Free

There’s so much more to social media than just writing catchy tweets and sending them out. You’ve got to time your updates, balance your interactions with content, and – perhaps most importantly – track your results.

This tracking just became a whole lot easier with a new update from one of our favorite Twitter scheduling tools. Buffer has launched a robust suite of analytics products for their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn scheduling, so you can now track who clicked, who retweeted and who interacted with your content.
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HootSuite’s Update Gives Buffer Run For Money; TweetDeck’s Update Less Impressive

If you’re a fan of autoscheduling your tweets, a la Buffer (and you should be, young ninja), you’re going to go bananas over the new HootSuite autoscheduling option.

Oh, and you can now scroll and link to tweets from TweetDeck. Just smile politely and read on.
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2 Ways To Seamlessly Tweet From Google Reader Using Buffer

Google Reader has always been one of the most popular article aggregators on the web mainly because it has the good ‘ol Google look and feel that makes it easy to navigate. The online reader also makes managing subscriptions a breeze, and its recommendations for stuff that you might like are spot on.

However, one of the biggest things missing from Google Reader is social sharing capabilities. Unless you count Google+, the reader doesn’t have a native feature that lets you post what you’re reading to social networks. For instance, Tweeting an article that you picked up from Google Reader can be cumbersome, because you have to go to the original article and hit the Tweet button from there, instead of doing it all from the reader.

Thankfully, the guys at Buffer came up with a couple of ways to solve Google Reader’s social media shortcomings, at least when it comes to Twitter. (For the uninitiated, Buffer is a nifty tool that automatically schedules your tweets at optimal times to ensure that you get the most exposure for your content.)
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Easily Schedule Retweets From With The New Buffer Extension

Twitter scheduling platform Buffer has just unveiled their newest update, which allows users to schedule tweets and retweets from

With the new Buffer extension, users will be able to schedule their tweets and those they want to retweet for set times in the future, so they aren’t bombarding their followers with 10 messages in a row (which, trust me, can get really annoying, really fast).
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