#NewTwitter does a lot of things right (like a larger content area and an in-depth details panel), but one thing it arguably misses the mark on is the ever-present retweet. Retweets used to be a way to share someone else’s tweet and add your own thoughts to it, but with #NewTwitter, you are only given the option to basically “forward” a tweet to your followers – you can’t edit it in any way.

This has frustrated many long-time Twitter fans, and many of them have been hard at work coming up with workarounds. We’ve written before about how to create old-style, editable retweets in HootSuite, but not everyone uses HootSuite as their dashboard. Now, we’ve got our hands on a sleek and simple browser plugin that will let you publish old-style retweets right from #NewTwitter. Check it out below.
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