At the end of 2012, the University of Massachusetts presented their annual survey of the digital presence of the Fortune 500.

Among their findings were the following: 28% of the Fortune 500 companies had blogs, 62% had a YouTube account, and (here’s the shocker) an incredible 23% of Fortune 500 firms had neither a Twitter nor a Facebook account at the end of 2012.

Not only that. As we reported, according to the 2012 Fortune 500 Social CEO Index report from, only 19 CEOs from the world’s top 500 companies use Twitter (or have someone use it on their behalf) – and only 9 of these are active.

Like… seriously?

In an attempt to give big companies the benefit of the doubt, the Huffington Post’s Vala Afshar, also the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Customer Officer of Enterasys Networks, took a look at the social media presence of big brands’ CMOs, considering that the word “marketing” is in those bigwigs’ titles. Maybe those guys could redeem their own companies’ fellow chief executives. Below, his findings.

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