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4 Reasons You Should Use A Dashboard, Not

If you’re still sending out your tweets from, you’re missing out on a lot of great functionality. Twitter dashboards enable you to get the most out of Twitter, and really enhance the experience you’re currently getting from

Using a dashboard is great for businesses looking to really make their Twitter mark, but it’s also a good idea for individuals who just want to listen to interesting tweets and retweet occasionally. Here are four ways Twitter dashboards trump
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Why You Should Consider Using Co-Tweet

As a social media consultant, I got into companies to either show them how to use various social media such as Twitter or Facebook or I do it for them. Often times, one person is solely responsible for tweeting or managing the company’s Facebook fan page. But what happens when you’ve got a bunch of people that are contributing?

It can be a real challenge, not to only find something that works, but that people find easy enough to use. Co-Tweet, a  web-based social media engagement, management and analytics tool, is great for two reasons: it is web-based, so you don’t have to download anything and take up precious room on your already overworked hard drive and the Standard Edition is  free!
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