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The One Thing Your Tweets Are Missing – And 4 Tips For Implementing It

To be successful on Twitter – whether you’re tweeting on behalf of a major brand, a small business, or yourself – requires a well-thought-out content strategy.

Why are you tweeting? When are you tweeting? To whom? How will you measure success?

Even when you’ve crafted that solid tweeting strategy – committing to practicing great social customer service, pushing out high-quality content, and pulling in new followers with engaging tweets – success may still be beyond reach.

And here’s the one reason why.

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Sealed With A Tweet: “Makeout Twitter” Trend Is A Sign Of The New Adolescence

On the heels of Mary’s thoughtful post about the increasingly provocative and unprotected “cesspool” that can be social media – “Prostitutes, Pimps And Pedophiles: The Dark Side Of Twitter” – comes news about a Twitter trend in a similar vein.

“Makeout Twitter” accounts are becoming rampant across U.S. colleges, with schools as diverse as Harvard and Louisiana State University promoting student-run Twitter accounts devoted to sharing “creepshots” of intoxicated, lip-locked students.

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Is Twitter A “Prison” Or A “Wonderful Enabler Of Content Consumption?” Two Journalists Debate

On, two columnists posted adjacent editorials regarding their opinions of Twitter.

The first was called, “Why I Hate Twitter” and the second, “Why I Love Twitter.”

Two interesting perspectives, worth summarizing – and adding our own commentary.

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Is Twitter Ruining Our Writing Skills?

In a recent article, The Telegraph reflects on one Cambridge professor’s assertion that Twitter is causing students’ writing skills to “go down the plug hole.”

It’s not the first time the claim has been made that the brevity and fast pace of microblogging negatively impacts written expression.

But how much merit is there to it?

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Four Reasons To Not Put All Your Social Media Eggs In One Basket

Maintaining an active presence on multiple social media networks can be time-consuming, and even stressful.

We’re partial to the mobile-friendly connective prowess of Twitter, but there’s indisputably huge value in all the big players: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, GooglePlus.

Each one serves different purposes and is more effective at certain things. Each one has different impact and influence in different areas.

And that’s exactly why it’s a mistake to put all your social media eggs in one basket – a.k.a choose just one network to be active on. Here’s why.

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The Art Of The Twitter Marriage Proposal

This past weekend, tattoo artist and TV personality Kat Von D got engaged to DJ Deadmau5.

Via Twitter.

The groom-to-be tweeted a photo of the engagement ring along with a message: “I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?”

The lady accepted, also via Twitter.

So is this an anomaly? Or are Twitter marriage proposals a thing these days?

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ESPN: College Basketball Players Disgruntled With Twitter As They Gain Notoriety

ESPN recently published a post about college basketball players’ increasing disgruntlement with Twitter, specifically that it’s “less fun” in college.

Why? Because the older the players get and the more they’re on the national radar, the higher the standards are for their public image, a large part of which is the content they’re presenting to the world via social media.

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15 Google Wave Invitations Must Be Won By #Twittercism Readers

Google Wave has been a top ten trending topic on Twitter for weeks now and gets thousands and thousands of mentions each and every day. Google originally limited the preview release of Wave to just 100,000 users, and while over a million people are using the service now, access to Google Wave remains invite-only.

Demand for the invites is so high that several less-than-scrupulous individuals have even started to sell them on eBay.

Here’s the good news – I have 15 Google Wave invitations to give away to Twittercism readers! All you have to do is enter my competition, and it’s really, really easy.

What Is Google Wave?

If you’re not sure what Google Wave is or whether it’s something you’d be interested in, take a look at this video.

The Competition

It’s very simple – just retweet or link to this blog post, making sure you include the #Twittercism tag within your tweet and a link back to the article.

Or copy and paste this into your favourite Twitter client:

15 Google Wave Invitations Must Be Won By #Twittercism Readers.

Once you’ve done this, each time you use the #Twittercism tag again – in any tweet or link back to any post in this blog – you will gain another entry in the competition.

There are no limits as to how many times you can enter. The more you do, the better chance you have of winning. So go crazy!

This competition will finish at midnight on Wednesday, December 2, 2009.

(It’s lasting just five days so entries don’t drop off from Twitter search.)

The Small Print

On Saturday, December 5, I will use Kosmix Lucky Twit, Tweetaways or a similar tool to randomly select fifteen winners from all of those who entered the competition, searching for mentions of #Twittercism. You can only win once.

Winners will be announced in a separate blog post, and notified via email. I will obviously need your email address to invite you to Google Wave – we’ll communicate via Twitter. Google Wave requires that you have a valid Google account.

Note that once your invitation has been sent out by me, it’s totally up to Google in terms of when it actually arrives. It isn’t instant, and is actioned on a per user basis. I have no control over this whatsoever.

Any questions, or to announce your entry (in case I miss it!), hit the comments area below.

Good luck! :D