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UK Police Name And Shame London Looters On Twitter

Manchester police have taken to Twitter to give the full names, birth dates, partial addresses, crimes, and jail time of the London looters who have been arrested.
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Twitter Is “Willing To Listen” To The UK Gov’t About Post-Riot Censorship

Throughout the day on Thursday, the Twitter-verse was abuzz with the news that U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was considering censoring tweets in response to the looters using Twitter to communicate during the London riots.

Now, we’ve got Twitter’s official word on the matter.
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Johnny Marr To David Cameron: "Stop Saying That You Like The Smiths. You Don't. I Forbid You To Like It."

The Smiths’ Johnny Marr has had enough. Following repeated claims that Tory PM David Cameron was a fan of Morrissey and The Smiths, Marr has hit back on Twitter.

Seems fair enough, really. There’s not much more embarrassing than politicians trying to be cool, although to be fair to Cameron he has been consistent in his statements. Morrissey, who was a fellow guest on BBC’s The One Show back in February 2009 when Cameron once again shared this revelation, politely declined to respond.

Paul Weller, meanwhile, was less gracious when he found out that Cameron stated that he was a fan of Weller’s influential 70s rock band, The Jam.

“Is he thick? He probably thinks ‘Eton Rifles’ is a song about him and his mates at school.”