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Twitter Minions Cringe As CEO Vows Downloadable Tweets By End Of Year

Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo gave an hour-long presentation the University of Michigan recently and during this speech he insisted, yet again, that users will be able to download ALL of their tweets by the end of the year.┬áBut is that possible?

Twitter engineers seem to think not. Pretty much everybody writing about this topic seems to think not. So why the impossible challenge? That doesn’t seem very Holiday Spirit-ish.

Is Costolo a grinch?

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Laughs Likely When Twitter’s CEO Speaks At Alma Mater

Wouldn’t you love to go to your high school reunion and say “yeah, I haven’t been up to much . . . still just doing the CEO thing at Twitter.” Bam.

Well, Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo could do that. But this post isn’t about high school reunions or showing off – it’s about college (and showing off).

Costolo will be speaking at his alma mater this month, sharing how he became CEO at Twitter. Oh and he was a comedian for a while too, so there are bound to be some funny moments.

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Twitter CEO Says Being In Charge Is For The Birds – Psychologically Damaged Birds

Think you have what it takes to run Twitter?

Sure you have some awesome ideas about how Twitter should use direct messages and ways it could grant free hippy-like API access and such, but unless you have nerves of steel, like making people debate and are okay with living every day knowing “no one is going to like you”- then maybe you don’t have the chops to lead Twitter. And maybe you can’t be a CEO at all! How sad for you.

That sad little bit was quoted from Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, not me, by the way – I think he seems perfectly likable. Though his eyes DO look a little crazy in some pics.

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Twitter CEO Dispels Biggest Misconception About Twitter And About Fake Followers

Twitter’s CEO spoke last night at OpenCoSF’s kickoff reception, which was held at 72 Townsend Street in San Francisco to a full house.

And he dispelled what he said was the biggest misconception people have about Twitter.

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Co-Founder And Former CEO Jack Dorsey Is Now Working Just One Afternoon A Week At Twitter

Over on his Tumblr blog, Twitter co-founder, former CEO and, currently, Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey has responded to The New York Times piece we covered yesterday, which proposed that Dorsey had taken a reduced role at Twitter, Inc.

His response? It’s true, he has stepped back at Twitter. Quite a bit, in fact – he only works Tuesday afternoons.

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‘Difficult To Work With’ Jack Dorsey Takes ‘Reduced’ Role At Twitter

A little over 18 months ago, in a move that was widely applauded by industry pundits and analysts, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as Executive Chairman of the micro-blogging company after stepping down as CEO five months previously.

(Although, really, he’d actually been in the wilderness and taken a back seat for some time.)

Dorsey, of course, is also founder of Square, and, at the time, pledged to continue his prominent role at both companies.

Not no more.

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Itching To Invest In Twitter? Don’t Hold Your Breath! [VIDEO]

You really, really love Twitter and know it would perform WAY better long-term than Facebook if it ever went public (that’s an easy prediction to make). And you’ve been watching and waiting ever so patiently for Twitter IPO news.

Well, Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo has an update: Twitter is not for sale. Ever.

So, no Twitter for you . . . but maybe for Google?

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Twitter CEO: You’ll Be Able To Download All Of Your Tweets By The End Of The Year

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo has good news for the Twitterverse: by the end of this year, we’ll be able to download all of our past tweets.
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One Platform To Rule Them All: Twitter, The One True Platform

Did you know that Dick Costolo wanted to be a performer and spent time focusing on that before turning to the tech side of his personality?

That is only one of many tidbits he shared recently in an interview with Charlie Rose. Oh and that Twitter will be the “Amazon” of social networks some day. Hopefully. If things go as planned.

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Twitter Apparently Has A “Truckload” Of Money

Although he remains mum on the specifics of Twitter’s finances, CEO Dick Costolo told the LA Times that the company has a “truckload” of cash – enough to remain private for as long as they want.
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