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Twitter Loses Patent Ruling, May Have To Go To Trial

Twitter may have to go to trial to defend itself against a patent lawsuit claiming that they infringed upon an idea for an online system for following famous people, if they can’t work something out behind closed doors in the coming week.
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Twitter Sues Twittad Over “Tweet” Trademark

Twitter is going on the offensive in its attempt to own the trademark of its signature “tweet”.

The company has long been trying to register its “tweet” trademark in the US, but another third-party developer has actually beaten them to it: Twittad, an advertising platform for Twitter.
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Twitter Defamation Cases Are Heating Up

Watch what you say on Twitter. Just because something is 140 characters long, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the power to land you in the courtroom.

Another Twitter defamation case has been filed. Perhaps not surprisingly, this one – like several before it – is in the entertainment industry: record executive Ira DeWitt is suing artist Johnny Gill for comments that he made about her on Twitter.
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Twitter Tries, And Fails, To Move Patent Lawsuit To San Francisco

Twitter is being sued for patent infringement, and the company is doing all it can to get the case tried in the tech-loving city of San Francisco. In an interesting, albeit ultimately failed, effort, Twitter claimed that because the plaintiff has a Twitter account and had agreed to Twitter’s terms of service, the lawsuit must be tried in the company’s hometown.
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Kuwaiti Man Sued, Detained For Comments Made Against Bahrain Royal

Kuwaiti citizen Nasser Abdul (pictured in blue in this image from his Twitter profile) was detained last week for comments that he made on Twitter allegedly criticizing the ruling families of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
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Your Twitter Parody Account Might Get You Sued

Oh boy. Apparently, some people still haven’t read Twitter’s rules on parody accounts, and it’s getting them into a whole world of legal trouble. The creator of the account @coventryfirst is being sued by life insurance firm Coventry First for sending fake and inappropriate tweets in the company’s name.
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Courtney Love Sued Again Over Her Unrestrained Tweets

It’s been just under three months since Courtney Love settled a lawsuit for $430,000 after being sued for defamation on Twitter. And now the erstwhile celebrity is back in the headlines, being sued by her former law firm for statements she tweeted, yet again.
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Twitter Will Notify Users Of Requests For Their Personal Info In Super-Injunction Lawsuit

A Twitter spokesperson has said that the company will attempt to contact its users before handing over their personal information to law enforcement accusing them of breaching the super-injunction gag order that’s swept the UK these past two weeks.
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Another Twitter Lawsuit Comes to Light

Uh oh, it looks like Twitter lawsuits are becoming trendy now. After Courtney Love settled hers out of court for over $400,000 and a British politician was ordered to pay over £50,000, a new Twitter libel case has sprung up, this time in the sports industry. An NBA referee is suing the Associated Press and one of its sports writers over a tweet.
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Twitter Being Sued Because It Lets You Follow Celebs

You (unless you’re ashamed to admit it) follow Justin Bieber on Twitter. Or Ashton Kutcher. Or Lady Gaga. The perception that you’re one tweet away from your favorite star, author, musician or CEO is a huge appeal for Twitter, and it is part of the reason its growth exploded over the past two years. But, all this might come to a screeching halt if the company behind a new lawsuit has anything to do with it.

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