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Would You Pay A Small Monthly Fee For Social Media Insurance?

Identity theft and other nefarious online deeds are the bane of any social media user’s existence. We’re all a little afraid of someone stealing our passwords, messing with our social profiles and possibly even taking control of our online banking and bills.

A company in the UK has noticed this fear of being hacked among social media users, and is now offering insurance against digital criminals at a cost of £3.99 per month. Would you pay?
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Man Convicted Of Sending “Menacing” Tweet Gets Appeal Hearing

In one of the more bizarre legal cases involving Twitter to date, English citizen Paul Chambers is getting a second chance to appeal his conviction over a “joke” tweet.
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How Do Family Law Attorneys Use Social Media For Evidence? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to tweeting and pinning. Using social media has legal implications – especially if you’re going through a messy divorce.

Family law attorneys have found social media to offer a wealth of information on adulterous spouses and lying exes. Here’s how social media evidence can make or break a divorce case.
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How Are Law Firms Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It must be tricky to navigate the public, open waters of social media when your entire job revolves around the law. After all, judges, lawyers and the like are still working out how to treat journalists tweeting from within courtrooms, libelous tweets and more.

A new study shows that law firms are a bit reluctant to fully embrace social media, although they do have a clear favorite when it comes to their network of choice.
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The AP Settles Over NBA Twitter Lawsuit, Pays $20,000 Fine

The Associated Press has settled a lawsuit with an NBA referee who felt he was defamed by a tweet from one of their writers.

The AP has agreed to pay $20,000 in damages to the referee to cover his legal costs, as well as remove the tweet from the writer’s account.
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52 Percent Of Twitter Users Do Not Consider Legal Implications Of Their Tweets [STUDY]

Did you know you stand the chance of being sued for what you tweet? Don’t let this scare you away from the network altogether, but do understand that there are implications beyond simply getting retweets when you post something to Twitter.
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Are Arrests And Terrorism Charges For Misleading Twitter Posts Too Harsh?

In the past week, authorities have arrested two Mexicans for tweeting false rumors of shootouts at local schools and charged them with terrorism, a man has been brought to court by the FBI for cyberstalking and harassment of a Buddhist leader on Twitter, and a college student in Des Moines was arrested for a fake Twitter bomb threat on his school.

There’s a battle going on right now between free speech advocate and the authorities over what constitutes terrorism, harassment and defamation on Twitter. In a spate of recent cases across the world, Twitter is being put to the test – is it a vehicle for private thought? Or a public forum which can be manipulated?
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Twitter Tries, And Fails, To Move Patent Lawsuit To San Francisco

Twitter is being sued for patent infringement, and the company is doing all it can to get the case tried in the tech-loving city of San Francisco. In an interesting, albeit ultimately failed, effort, Twitter claimed that because the plaintiff has a Twitter account and had agreed to Twitter’s terms of service, the lawsuit must be tried in the company’s hometown.
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Football Fan Banned From Grounds, Sentenced To Community Service For Racist Tweets

Yet another Twitter legal first has come out of the UK this week. A football (or soccer) fan has been banned from his favorite team’s football ground and sentenced to community service for tweets he made that were racist in nature.
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If You Want To Look Good On Twitter, Don’t Follow In SPIN Magazine’s Footsteps

Well, here’s one that’s giving some PR person somewhere a migraine: SPIN Magazine has sent a cease and desist order to the user behind the Twitter handle @Spin – a Portland Oregon man who happens to be a DJ and is in no way trying to squat on the “SPIN” brand or misrepresent himself as affiliated with them. Stay classy, SPIN.
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