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Is Piggybacking On Breaking News To Promote Your Business Ever Okay? Yep.

We mentioned before that piggybacking on trending tragedies to promote a business was ill-advised, but what about other human interest-style breaking news? If the story has a happy ending (but still a fantastically horrible beginning and middle) does that change things? Is it ever a good idea to promote your business on the back of others’ pain?

The answer is clearly no, right? Well, we have some extentuating circumstances to present for your consideration that may change your mind. Let’s see if you agree.

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How Not To Get Your Hashtag Hijacked (Like McDonald’s Did) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you heard of hashtag hijacking? It’s not a fun experience, especially if you’ve spent thousands promoting a hashtag only to have it take over and its meaning changed from the one you originally intended.

McDonald’s is possibly the most visible company to have its hashtags hijacked, with giddy Twitter users twisting the intended meanings into ironic, sarcastic and sometimes spiteful tweets.
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McDonald’s Twitter Ad Campaign Was A #McFail

They try, they really do. This was McDonald’s umpteenth time purchasing a Promoted Product on Twitter to try and cash in on some social media success. And – as before – the campaign was commandeered by sarcastic users who twisted the purpose of their Promoted Tweets.
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McDonald’s $80,000 Twitter Ad Spend That Failed

Yet another Twitter ad purchase has gone awry for mega-fast food chain McDonald’s. Today the company purchased two promoted trends: #ANewMcDFavorite and #LoveMcDsSmoothies. The hashtags themselves appear pretty innocuous, and they’re promoting a new fun, summer smoothie. However, the Twitterverse wasn’t so happy to hear from everyone’s favorite yellow arches, and the backlash makes me wonder whether the $80,000+ ad spend was worth it.
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Racist Picture Hoax Plagues McDonald’s Over The Weekend

There really is no end to the craziness that can spread via Twitter. Hoaxes, jokes gone wrong, rumors and downright lies all find their way onto Twitter quite easily, thanks to the fast-paced spread of news on social media and the urge to retweet everything sensational. So perhaps it’s no surprise that a photo of a racist “policy” apparently adopted at a McDonald’s restaurant went viral on Twitter this weekend, combined with the hashtag #seriouslymcdonalds.
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McDonald’s Wants To Give You $10,000 If You’re Part Of “The Perfect Pair” On Twitter

Do you have a Twitter doppelganger? Someone you have delicious back-and-forths with? McDonald’s wants to know, and they’re willing to give you $10,000 if you prove you and your “other” are the best.

The fast food company is unveiling a new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade drink, and they want to find the best two-person combination on Twitter to help them do it.
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McDonald’s Canada is One of First Testers of Geo-Targeted Promoted Accounts

Twitter has finally expanded its advertising solution to include geo-targeted ads that display only to users based in a particular location, and one of its first testers is McDonald’s Canada. A lot is riding on this new advertising product, especially with all of the shake-ups at the top of Twitter’s chain of command.
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Ghost of Twitter Trends Past: The McRib Returns

It’s the nature of the McRib to disappear and make a comeback – over, and over again. McDonald’s has found a a goldmine in its marketing of the McRib, as the sandwich is included on the menu for a “limited time”, taken off, and reintroduced with loud fanfare a few months or years later. And it looks like the McRib is emulating this real-world characteristic on Twitter, by flitting on and off the trending topics list as people wave in and out of discussing just how scrumptious (or disgusting) the sandwich itself is.
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So You Don’t Like The McRib – It Won’t Hurt McDonald’s Bottom Line

Apparently, McDonald’s doesn’t care whether you like their McRib or not. It’s on your radar, and that’s what counts in their Twitter campaign: brand awareness. Beth Kowitt from FORTUNE takes this position, and sheds light on why a bunch of Twitter “eeeew”s can translate to a happy McDonalds.
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McDonald’s vs. TeamCoco: Why Some Twitter Campaigns Fail Miserably and Others Rock

You’ve purchased a Promoted Tweet, started interacting with your followers, and you even have a viral campaign outside of Twitter. You’re doing everything right. So why are your Twitter followers bashing your product with abandon?

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