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How To Increase Your Twitter Follower Count By Writing Less

It might not be intuitive, but it’s true: you’re likely to get more followers if you write less on Twitter.

That’s not to say that one tweet a day will suffice, or that one a week is good enough – your market, goals and audience will determine the “sweet spot” of how many tweets per day is optimal, and you’ll discover this number over time using trial and error. But for those of you who want to get started growing your follower account today, here’s how to increase your Twitter follower count by writing less.
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5 Ways to use Twitter for Customer Feedback

If you’ve struggled to sell Twitter as a way to increase conversions and sales, you’re not alone. And in fact, this isn’t Twitter’s strongest suit: instead, Twitter offers businesses the subtle ability to engage your customers and really draw out their opinions of you, your brand and your products or services so you can become more nimble and meet their needs. Here are 5 ways to use Twitter for customer feedback.
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HOWTO: View All Of Your @Mentions, Minus The Retweets

If you’re a prolific tweeter, you no doubt get dozens of retweets a day. And while that might boost your self-esteem, it can also cause a problem: since retweets usually include your username (at least old style retweets do), too many of them can mean actual @mentions get lost in the mix.

Here’s how to view all of your @mentions, but filter out the retweets, so you can focus on the accounts who are actually engaging you in conversations.
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Twitter Is Removing Your @Mentions Folder. Here’s How To Get It Back.

Over the next few weeks, Twitter is rolling out a completely revamped interface. And your @mentions folder is getting bulldozed in the process.

While many are looking forward to the changes – which will see the addition of two new folders, the @Username folder and the Activity folder – others are concerned that they won’t have a single place to view all of their @mentions.

Well rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to hold on to your @mentions (and even find some that your old @mentions folder was missing).
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The White House Twitter “Office Hours” Brings In 3,100 New Followers Per Day Since Launching [STATS]

It looks like holding office hours are good for both teacher and student. The White House has been hosting daily office hour on Twitter, where a senior staff member answers questions 140 characters at a time for about an hour, for a week now, and they’ve seen some massive success: nearly 22,000 people have started following them since they began.
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Gnip Announces Klout, Language Filters for Premium Twitter Feeds

Twitter partnered with Gnip back in November to start selling tweets from the firehose. And now Gnip will be offering some advanced features to its customers, including Klout scores and language filters to better analyze what’s being said on Twitter.
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How Improving Privacy Could Ruin Twitter

I came across a great article by Shéa Bennett on Twittercism today that got me thinking: how could Twitter improve the privacy of its users? Bennett thinks that untagging @mentions would be a step in the right direction, but how would greater privacy control over how your Twitter profile is accessed actually affect the whole Twitter experience?

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Twitter Announces Push Notifications for @Mentions

Yesterday evening, Twitter announced on its Blog that it would be making push notifications available for @mentions of your username by anyone you follow. This means that you’ll get an SMS or iPhone notification whenever someone you follow mentions your username. Away from your computer for the afternoon? You won’t miss a Tweet with this new feature.
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Majority Rules: What Does Twitter's Reply Change Mean For You?

Yesterday, Twitter made what it termed a “small settings update” to their system. Specifically, they’ve updated the Notices section in your Settings (on so that you now no longer have any control over the replies you see on the network.

Previously, there were three settings available to users:

  1. all @ replies
  2. @ replies to the people I’m following
  3. no @ replies


Option two is the default, and has been since December, 2007. Prior to this, there was only one setting available, and it was option one.

Now in your Notices page there are no settings available for this at all. Twitter has re-configured the system so all users can only see replies from people they are following.


(Note, with amusement, Twitter’s ‘help’ gaff on the right sidebar. The link also leads to a now outdated help page.)

This has, as you would imagine, caused a bit of a stink. But to whom? Who is affected, how will this change impact the Twitter stream, was Twitter right to act this way, and what, if anything, can be done?

A Little Bit Of Twistory

Way, way back in a time before dinosaurs, religion and bacon double-cheeseburgers – December 5, 2007, to be precise – Twitter made some changes to their reply settings. This was when we were first given the opportunity to control which replies you received on the network, as per the image I presented earlier.

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Twitter Moves From Replies To Mentions

Pretty big news from broke yesterday – the interface on the home page has been tweaked, and you no longer have an @replies feed. Instead, it’s been replaced with mentions, which are accessed via clicking on @yourusername in the sidebar (i.e., @sheamus).

From Replies to Mentions on

(click to enlarge)

This is a great step forward for Twitter. Previously the @replies inbox only listed tweets that began with an @ message to your username; now, any mention of your username (@sheamus, say) in a tweet will appear in this feed, irrespective of where it appears in the message. This includes re-tweets, #followfriday recommendations and so on.

I like this a lot because many people miss non-direct replies and this can only make the stream more engaging, certainly if you predominately use the home page as your main point of access.

However, it’s still not, in my opinion, as good as what can be done using a search pane on TweetDeck, and I’ll be doing (my very first) video tutorial about optimising TweetDeck in this way later this week, which will include tips on minimising that precious API drain. :)