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The Selfie Retweeted Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Selfie Retweeted Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Unless you’ve been living in a cave – without internet – over the past couple of weeks, chances are you’ve (a) heard about Ellen Degeneres’ world record-setting Oscars selfie, and you’ve (b) probably seen the tweet in question and (c) retweeted it.

And why not? More than 3 million of us joined in the fun. But why was this such a phenomenon?

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Ellen Degeneres And Bradley Cooper’s Oscar Celebrity Selfie Is The Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

Ellen Degeneres And Bradley Cooper's Oscar Celebrity Selfie Is The Most Retweeted Tweet Of All Time

The 86th Academy Awards took place yesterday with luminaries from the world of cinema gathering together to honour the actors, movies and technical achievements in film in 2013. The event was hosted by Ellen Degeneres who made extensive use of Twitter to share updates and photos via her @TheEllenShow account, with one celebrity-packed selfie in particular being retweeted more times than any other tweet shared on Twitter.

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The Most Retweeted Tweet Of 2013 Was…

The Most Retweeted Tweet Of 2013 Was...

Twitter has once again released the “Golden Tweets” of the year, a designation that carries more weight than just the number of retweets – although that stat is how those tweets earn the title.

But the emphasis is on the impact the Golden Tweets had on millions of people around the world, because after all, a retweet implies that a tweet had an effect on you.

Below, check out the 2013 Golden Tweet of the Year, plus two runners up.

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The 20 Most Retweetable Words

The 20 Most Retweetable Words

You might want to bookmark this post.

HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella has assembled a list of the 20 Most Retweetable Words based on his research into the key characteristics of highly-retweetable content.

To compose the list, Zarrella examined the top 10,000 (out of 158,000+ total) most retweeted tweets in his “ReTweet Mapping” database, which you can check out here. He then broke down the most common words and phrases in these highly retweeted posts and “cherry picked through the list (ignoring very common words)” to uncover the top 20 retweetable words or phrases.

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Google, Facebook And Twitter – What Was Everybody Talking About In 2012? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the death of Whitney Houston made the late R&B star the most searched-for term on Google in 2012, ahead of Hurricane Sandy, the 2012 presidential election and The Hunger Games?

TBH (“to be honest”) was the most mentioned phrase on Facebook this year, and #nowplaying, #oomf (“one of my followers”) and #blessed were Twitter’s most-used hashtags.

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Election Night On Twitter: 31 Million Tweets, New Retweet Record, Donald Trump Goes Insane

The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election was always going to be a huge deal for Twitter, both in how (as a technical entity) the bird coped with the massive influx of tweets, links and media, but also in how Twitter, the brand, will likely springboard from November 6 into an exponentially bigger and more vital organisation and platform that will now see rapid adoption and growth around the world.

All-told, Twitter coped pretty well. I did notice some API errors around midnight but they were fleeting, and it’s impressive that it all held up as robustly as it did: some 31 million tweets about the election were sent yesterday, with the conversation peaking at a heady 327,452 tweets per minute (TPM).

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President Obama’s Election Victory Tweet Becomes Most Retweeted Of All Time

Barack Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States of America and his victory tweet has quickly become the most-retweeted message in Twitter’s history.

Obama’s simple message – “Four more years.” – accompanied by a photograph of the President embracing his wife, has now been shared on Twitter more than half a million times.

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Want More Retweets? Always Tell People “What’s Happening?” On Twitter In 100 Characters (Or Less)

When you first join Twitter one of the rules that’s drummed into you from the very beginning is that status updates on the platform come with a limit of 140 characters.

This can seem restrictive at first, especially if you’re used to Facebook and its now unlimited character ceiling. But after a little while, and with practice, you learn to write good, strong and concise Twitter copy, always ensuring that you modify the words in your tweets to make sure they fit nicely within that 140-character maximum. You don’t resort to text speak, but you do know that you shouldn’t use a long word when a shorter one will work just as well.

But there’s a problem: you’re not getting many retweets. Why?

Answer: because you’re not leaving enough space.

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Stephen Colbert Wins First Golden Tweet Award for Most Retweeted

Twitter has unveiled the top 10 most retweeted tweets in its fourth installment of Twitter 2010, Year in Review. The number one spot goes to comedian extraordinaire Stephen Colbert for a single tweet about the Gulf Oil spill, and for this tweet Colbert got the first ever Golden Tweet Award, presented to him last night on the Colbert Report from Biz Stone himself. We’ve got the winning tweet, and the others who made it into the top ten, below.
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Most Popular Tweets To Rank First In Twitter Search

Over at the Twitter API announcements Google group, Twitter developer advocate Taylor Singletary has written about a beta project that their search team is working on that will rank results by popularity (as opposed to reverse-chronologically as they are now).

The Search team is working on a beta project that returns the most popular tweets for a query, rather than only the most recent tweets. This is a beta project, but an important first step to surface the most popular tweets for users searching Twitter.

You can expect many improvements as we tune and tweak our algorithms, but we want to give everyone a heads up so we can go over the implications for those consuming the search API.

It’s unclear how exactly they are going to define what it is that classes a tweet as popular. People rarely click on individual tweets, so that metric isn’t going to work at all. My guess is it’s likely to be based heavily on retweets, perhaps held up against network size, which means that Justin Bieber is going to be your authority on everything.

Most Popular Tweets Soon To Rank First In Twitter Search

For everybody’s sake, let’s hope they’re also working on an algorithm to counter that, too.

(Hat tip to Mashable.)