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40% Of Canadian Execs Use Social Media Because They “Need To” [STUDY]

It’s a good thing this survey of Canadian business executives was anonymous, or else plenty of people would be questioning how informed they are about their everyday business decisions.

Of the 400 executives polled on their approach to social media, 40 percent – or 160 total – say they’re using social media because they feel they need, but don’t necessarily want, be using it.
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POLL: Twitter Is The Least Popular Tech Brand, After Google, Apple And Facebook

We love Twitter here at AllTwitter. We’d do a pretty poor job of writing about it all day if we didn’t. But it looks like we’re not among the majority when it comes to our obsession with 140 character soundbites – according to a new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post, American’s aren’t so fond of the microblogging network, giving it a thumbs-down when compared to other tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Google.
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Canadian Law Changed To Allow Tweeting Of Election Results

A new Canadian law has been put in place to allow citizens to discuss election results on Twitter or blogs before all the polls close across the country.
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Could Twitter Predict Election Results Better Than A Traditional Poll?

The Washington Post has created an app for election season that tracks Twitter and media mentions of all of the US candidates. And considering the real-time nature of Twitter, it could prove to be a better measure of public sentiment than traditional polls.
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60 Percent Of Twitter Users Say They’re More Likely To Recommend A Brand If They Follow It [STATS]

Too many small businesses are hesitant to embrace social media, citing the fact that they don’t know exactly how it will help their business make sales.

However, new reports are coming out that show exactly what social media, and Twitter specifically, can do for your business. So next time you’re trying to sell your boss or a potential client on why they should be using Twitter, here are some stats to help you out.
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Twitter Is Less Uncivil Than Fox News, Music Industry And The General Media [POLL]

Apparently, Americans think Twitter is a pretty civil network. Or at least, it’s not uncivil… and yes, there is a difference.

A recent poll suggests that Twitter is less uncivil than the mainstream media, Fox News, the music industry and professional sports. But Americans weren’t too sure about its actual level of civility, either, and rated it pretty low on the scale. So what gives? Is Twitter still such a big mystery to so many uninitiated?
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71% of Irish Media Use Twitter as News Source

A recent poll suggests that the Irish media is having a love-affair with Twitter – 71 of 100 Irish journalists polled say they use Twitter as a news source or supporting material for articles they write.
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How Important Is Twitter To YOU?

It’s been a huge year for Twitter. Huge.

Twelve months ago it was an evolving but fairly low-key social network where the most popular user had about sixty thousand followers.

Now, it’s an internet giant that has forced Facebook and Google to continually revise and re-evaluate their mission statements, and been embraced by the global media and general populace at an unprecedented level. And 220 users now have more than one million followers.

But what I want to know is: how important is Twitter to YOU?

I’d like you to consider this from the perspective of how you would feel if Twitter suddenly disappeared tomorrow. How would that make you feel? How would it impact your day-to-day life?

Please choose your answer in the poll below, and I encourage you to follow this up in the comments section.

POLL: How Do You Rate @Twitter’s Technical Support?

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I don’t want to lead people either way through my personal experiences, or those that have been brought to my attention. Please rate in the poll below your opinion on Twitter’s technical support.

This should be all-encompassing, and include any interactions you’ve had with @Twitter, @Spam and other Twitter support accounts, as well as your experiences at and how well the support team has dealt with any help tickets you have submitted.

Also, it would be great if you could then post any of these experiences (good and bad) in the comments area below. I’ll collect all the data and write a more detailed analysis of Twitter’s support in the future.


POLL: What Kind Of Twitter Profile Picture Do You Like To See?

Earlier in the week I raised an open query on Twitter about profile pictures (avatars) and why I think it’s important that you spend some time considering the best kind of image for your particular needs.

When you first register with Twitter, they provide you with a default avatar. It looks like this:

The default Twitter avatar

Not exactly the most inspiring of creations. Indeed, one major problem with not uploading your own profile picture, and it’s entirely too common, is you risk becoming yet another faceless entity on the network. Moreover, it makes you look like a newcomer and quite possibly a spammer, as many spam accounts that are powered by bots don’t update their image, either.

But the worst part is the default picture is cold; it doesn’t tell us anything about you.

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