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Synthesio Launches U.S. Open Real-Time Social Media Leaderboard

Global social media monitoring leader Synthesio is once again innovatively tapping into the cultural zeitgeist with a U.S. Open real-time online leaderboard tracking the social media buzz of all the players.

It’s the best way to see if the tennis stars’ digital popularity corresponds to their success on the court.

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NUVI Introduces Twitter Group Monitoring To Analyze Any Set Of Twitter Users In Real-Time

Real-time social analytics and engagement platform NUVI rolled out a set of key new features this week, including a very cool Twitter Group Monitoring function.

Recently used by CNN to track national sentiment in the George Zimmerman trial, NUVI’s visual intelligence platform extrapolates data from millions of sources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Vimeo, and Flickr to dish up actionable insights for digital marketers.

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Twitter Explains Why Its Search Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

It took Google years to come up with a nuanced algorithm to determine the most relevant search results for your queries (and many people think they’ve still got a ways to go). And it sounds like Twitter is in the same boat.

Twitter’s search engine has to process real-time trends that can surge and ebb in popularity within seconds, and its engineering team faces the challenge of making its search agile, flexible and relevant to your queries at any given moment in time.
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Goodbye Information Overload: Digs Out The Best Links From Your Twitter Connections

Twitter is simply a deluge of information. Links, thoughts, images pour in non-stop, sending your timeline into a flurry of activity every time it’s refreshed.

Enter This cute and simple app condenses all of the links shared by the people you’re interested in on Twitter, and only shows you the most popular ones. So instead of sifting through the 500 links in your timeline in the past hour and a half, you’re served only the juiciest, most-shared, and most-retweeted morsels.
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Twitter Partners with Yahoo! Japan

One of Twitter’s largest international markets will now see Twitter in its search results. Twitter has announced a partnership with Yahoo! Japan to bring tweets to real-time search results.
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Twitter to be used to Create the Weather Channel of Global Illness

Imagine turning on the TV and watching the illness forecast – one channel up from the Weather Channel, it keeps you informed 24/7 about the flu that’s spreading downtown and the cold that has hit a pocket of people in the North. This is something we might see as early as next year if the makers of the Twitter-fueled illness tracking map Kazemill have anything to do with it.
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Do you Share on Twitter Because You’re Afraid of Missing Out? #Socialize

The real-time web has created new forms of communication, not the least of which is the lightening fast cycling of news stories, trends and topics on Twitter. For us Twitter addicts, logging off at 11pm often means you’re reluctantly missing out on dozens of new trending topics and shared links. Matt LeMay of thinks that it’s this fear of missing out (which he dubs FOMO) that drives us to share and engage with content.
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The Birdy Politic: Fact-Checking the State of the Union in Real-Time

Gone are the days when political junkies would have to wait for a speech to be over before talking heads could endlessly parse each word. The Huffington Post will provide real-time analysis and fact-checking of Barack Obama’s State of the Union address and the Republican rebuttal Tuesday night, and, with our incredible shrinking news cycle and the rise of participatory journalism, the approach only makes sense.
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Techmeme’s Headlines Now Pulling From Tweets

Techmeme just announced that Tweets can now become headlines or discussion topics. For those who live and breathe on Techmeme’s technology news feed, the move isn’t entirely unexpected since the site’s main aim is to deliver news in real-time. The implications, though, are reverberating through the social media landscape as the logistical questions about how this will truly work are yet to be answered.
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