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Schedule Your Tweets At The Best Times With Buffer For TweetCaster

Are you a TweetCaster user? Then this news is for you: Buffer and TweetCaster have teamed up to let you schedule your tweets to go out when the majority of your followers will actually see them. Here’s how it works:
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How To Schedule Retweets So You Don’t Annoy Your Followers

So you’re following a bunch of great, insightful people and you’ve just spotted four of their tweets you’d like to retweet to your own followers. You happily click “retweet” four times, fully expecting your followers to continue the retweet chain, and maybe even thank you for sharing such great links and insight.

But alas, such is not the case. You click away from Twitter for a few minutes, and when you click back, not only do you not have any replies or retweets, but you’ve actually lost nine followers!

Retweeting too close together is a problem on Twitter, and one that can quickly annoy your followers. Here’s how to share the tweets you love, without bombarding your followers with a wall of retweets.
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Easily Schedule Retweets From With The New Buffer Extension

Twitter scheduling platform Buffer has just unveiled their newest update, which allows users to schedule tweets and retweets from

With the new Buffer extension, users will be able to schedule their tweets and those they want to retweet for set times in the future, so they aren’t bombarding their followers with 10 messages in a row (which, trust me, can get really annoying, really fast).
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When Is Automation OK On Twitter?

Twitter is all about personalization, accountability, transparency… everything that automation isn’t. Still, there are some cases where automating part of your Twitter account is actually beneficial – as long as you know when and what to automate.
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Buffer Launches iPhone App So You Can Schedule Your Tweets On The Go

If you haven’t tried Buffer yet, you should. It’s a light-weight, simple tool for scheduling your tweets when your followers will see them, so you get more clicks, retweets and mentions.

And Buffer has just launched its brand new iPhone app, making it even easier for you to pop your tweets into your Buffer and let the magic happen – while you’re on the subway, at a restaurant or in the park.
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Buffer Your Tweets Within Vienna RSS So They Get The Most Impact

Buffer is certainly shaping up to be the little Twitter app that could. It offers the simply functionality of scheduling your tweets to go live when they will be seen by the most people, but it does so in a big way.

You can schedule tweets from your browser, smartphone,, email with Buffer, and now they’ve added a partnership with Vienna RSS to the mix to enable you to schedule tweets from within your RSS reader.
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Don’t Hit The “Tweet” Button On The Next Article You Read… Click “Buffer” Instead

The folks at Buffer – the simple Twitter scheduling tool that gets you 200 percent more clicks on your links – have just released a Buffer Button for websites. Now, whenever you want to share an article on Twitter, you can hit “Buffer” and it will be scheduled to go live at the best time of day.
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Tweet Your Social Content More Efficiently With Buffer And Ifttt

Buffer is one of the darling Twitter apps of the tweet elite. It allows you to add content items – a link, a retweet – to your buffer, and schedules them to be tweeted from your Twitter account at optimal time throughout the day.

Now, Buffer has expanded how you can share your social content by partnering with Ifttt (If this then that). The combo of these two apps now lets you share nearly anything you like on the web with your Twitter followers, at the best time of day to see high engagement rates.
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Buffer – The Twitter App That Can Get You 200% More Clicks – Now Available On Android

The first mobile version of Buffer has hit the Android Market, and it’s a slick product.

Now, you can send updates to Twitter at the times that they’ll see the most impact while you’re on the go from your Android device.
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When is the Best Time to Tweet? Timely will Tell You

It might seem like the only things that affect the amount you get retweeted are your follower count and what you’re tweeting – but the timing of your tweets is just as important. You might notice that when you tweet at certain times of the day you get more retweets than when you tweet at others, and you’re not alone. Finding the best time to tweet is crucial to reaching the most engaged audience on Twitter – and Timely, a new app from Flowtown, will help you find that time-of-day sweet spot. For free.
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