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Chrome Browser Extension “HashPlug” Adds Twitter Results To Google Searches

As recently as six months ago, when you did a Google search in Chrome, relevant tweets would show up in your search results.

Which was super helpful, especially if you were looking for timely, ultra-relevant information. But Twitter put a stop to that technology.

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Eight Ways To Track Twitter Trends

One of the most significant implications of Twitter is its ability to tap into the zeitgeist.

A quick glance through the platform gives you a reliable sense of “what’s trending” both on- and offline.

When a major event goes down or a big story occurs, more and more people tweet about it and it ends up at the top of Twitter Search as a top trend (check out the top 10 Twitter trends from 2011 here).

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3 Simple Ways You Can Use Twitter To Find A Job

The more popular Twitter becomes, the better it becomes for job seekers. As more people flock to sign up, more employers realize how useful Twitter is for recruitment, more colleges provide job-related resources on Twitter, and more success stories are born each day.

If you’re looking for a job, here are three simple tips to help you leverage Twitter to find success.
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Twitter And Facebook Strongly Correlated To Google Search Engine Rankings

If you needed proof that all of your tweeting was helping your website, this study from Searchmetrics should clarify things: tweets, Facebook likes and other social signals do appear to have a large impact on search engine rankings.
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Twitter Explains Why Its Search Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

It took Google years to come up with a nuanced algorithm to determine the most relevant search results for your queries (and many people think they’ve still got a ways to go). And it sounds like Twitter is in the same boat.

Twitter’s search engine has to process real-time trends that can surge and ebb in popularity within seconds, and its engineering team faces the challenge of making its search agile, flexible and relevant to your queries at any given moment in time.
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How Does Social Media Affect Website Search Rankings? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you run a website, you know how important search engine rankings can be. Getting your site on the first page of Google can bring in advertising dollars, an influx of new customers, or widespread awareness of your cause.

However, there is much more to ranking high on Google than just optimizing your website for certain keywords. Social media can help (or hurt!) your placement – and the folks at TastyPlacement have done a little testing to see how much Google+, Facebook and Twitter really do affect search results.
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As Google And Twitter Part Ways, Twitter’s Promoted Trends Start Appearing In Bing

Since Twitter and Google ended their search relationship in July, there has been some speculation about how Twitter would bounce back after enjoying such search prominence.

And now Search Engine Land has spotted what is likely Twitter’s next big search move: Trending Topics are now appearing in Bing search results.
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This Twitter Account Lets You Read Everyone’s Google Searches (And They’re Hilarious!)

“How to make the chewbacca noise”

“what is a hipster?”

“what is a MILF?”

Ahh, priceless Google searches, made public thanks to the newest novelty Twitter account on the scene.
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Russia’s Yandex Partners With Twitter For Real-Time Search

Twitter has inked a deal with Russian search engine Yandex to provide real-time search results to the leading search engine in Russia. The deal will give Yandex access to all public tweets directly from the firehose.
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5 Essential Twitter Search Operators To Find The Most Relevant Tweets

Have you used Twitter search? I mean really used it? If not, you’d be surprised at the kinds of insights you can get into what people are talking about right now.

Twitter’s advanced search lets you go beyond just seeing who’s talking about “Starbucks lattes”, and discover who wishes they had one right now, who thinks they’re too expensive, and who’s following the Starbucks account for a discount coupon. And we’ve got five key search operators to help you do just that.
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