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Twitter Reaction To Boy Scouts Dropping Gay Ban

The Boy Scouts dropped its controversial ban on gay youth participants last week and there’s been lots of chatter about it online.

Many churches aren’t pleased and vow to withdraw support from the Scouts because of this, but we’re guessing the conversation online disagrees with that sentiment.

Let’s check it out!

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Analytics Firms Shudder As Twitter Acqui-Hires LuckySort

Twitter acquired a slew of companies last year and appears to be aiming to top that number this year.

And it’s also looking (apparently) to keep third-party developers on their toes, as this latest aqui-hire, Lucky Sort, has contextual analysis pretty locked up – and it’s now in-house. Eep.

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Hedonometer Tracks Twitter Happiness (And Sadness)

Some days you get a definite sense that something is off on Twitter. People seem angry or worried one day, extra-happy and goofy the next – it’s the land of 10,000 mood swings.

Ever wonder if your experiences on Twitter jibe with the rest of the Twitterverse? This hedonometer provides an answer.

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Social Media Monitoring And Sentiment Analysis For ‘Socially Intelligent Organizations’ [VIDEO]

Is your business “socially intelligent?”

If you’re not monitoring social media in a way that goes beyond @mentions, the answer is no. And even if you’re doing THAT, you’re probably not at the top of your game when it comes to sentiment analysis.

But these folks are. And fortunately for you, they’re offering their services. Read more

Professor Wins Twitter Mood Predictor Patent

We know researchers are using Twitter to predict and track illnesses. And it can even tell us which places appear to be the most angry (based on large-scale tweet data sentiment analysis), but one professor thinks it can also be used to predict the stock market.

And he just won a patent that brings him one step closer to making this thought a reality.

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Can Twitter Predict Oscar Winners Using This Advanced Sentiment Analysis Tracker?

We mentioned last year that although social media can predict many things, it can’t predict the outcome of an event when the people polled have no influence whatsoever. So, no – Twitter can’t predict who will win, but it can tell us who should win.

And this sentiment analysis tracker from Topsy is a bit different from others that have come before it, so it’s worth a look regardless.

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Another First: Trading Platform Lets You Invest Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Savvy investors: Would you ever consider using social media sentiment analysis to inform your next trade?

If so, you’re in luck. A new trading platform launched today and it claims social media sentiment can predict movement on the stock market.

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Here Are The Best-Loved Businesses On Twitter In 2012

Twitter offers lots of great intel. Beyond the business basics like figuring out the best times to post on Twitter, there’s fun stuff like figuring out which books to buy for your friends based on their tweet data.

And now Topsy takes it to the next level: revealing which businesses we loved the bestest in 2012. Businesses take note.

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New Social Discovery Game Is Watching You On Twitter

Remember the site we told you about that turned your tweets in to music? Well, if you thought THAT was cool, you’re going to faint over this. Seriously, sit down.

There’s a new social discovery game recently launched and it’s watching you – your tweets, that is. And it’s using your tweet data to create YOU avatars and MindPrints showcasing your persona.

You just won’t participate? You have no choice. Unless your account is private, if you’re on Twitter, you’re on Mind of Man, or MOM (Twitter is public after all). And “you’ve already been captured, profiled and matched to others like you.”

But don’t worry, it’s called MOM after all and, “MOM loves you. . . . And you love MOM.” Eeeek!

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Space Invaders Meets Twitter In A New Game Powered By Influential Tweets

Pew! Pew! If you’re a gamer from times past, or you’re a young’un with a taste for the retro, you’ll appreciate the “DataSift Invaders” game developed by social search service DataSift. It’s Space Invaders meets Twitter, in a cool mashup of the old with the new, and a great showcase of what you can do with detailed Twitter data.
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