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The Top 10 Fast Casual Restaurants On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Top 10 Fast Casual Restaurants On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest And Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do the top fast casual restaurants stack up on social media?

Perhaps surprisingly, Chipotle boasts the most fans on Google+, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Why the amazement? Come on. I like a huge burrito as much as the next guy, but Chipotle isn’t that good.

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Future Tech: Twitter Food Delivery Services

2012 was a huge year for social media innovation, not least for advances made on Twitter.

The past year saw the introduction of Twitter photo filters, brand new Twitter profiles including the platform’s first-ever cover photos, significant Twitter mobile app updates and more.

One cool Twitter tweak to look forward to in 2013?

Increasingly, Twitter users will have the ability to order or deliver food or drink via tweet.

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The Most Social Fast Food Chains On Twitter And Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

In my opinion no business has been as consistently on-the-ball in its use of social media as the fast food industry.

The major pizza chains, in particular, always impress me with how rapidly they embrace these technologies. They’re continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries of what can be done on platforms such as Twitter and (especially) Facebook with fan-pleasing campaigns, promotions and competitions.

But which of the fast food chains rules the roost? Who has seen the biggest growth? Which much-loved burger independent has the most engaged fans?

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