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Spreading CISPA Awareness (Similar to SOPA, But Worse), Anonymous Initiates Tweet Bomb

As happened with SOPA, “traditional” news is slow to pick up on the latest attempt by the U.S. Congress to mess with the one thing they seem to not understand – at all – the Internet. What is CISPA? The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. And where SOPA was viewed as the bill that would “break the Internet,” CISPA is the bill that will push society toward an Orwellian 1984 nightmarish reality.
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What Does SOPA Look Like On Twitter?

Phrases and hashtags like “Stop SOPA and PIPA”, #SOPA, #IfTheyShutDownTwitter, “Why SOPA is dangerous” and #FactsWithoutWikipedia have been hitting Twitter’s trending topics all day today, as websites like Wikipedia and Reddit go dark to protest the US Stop Online Piracy Act.

SOPA has been all the buzz on Twitter, and one intrepid researcher has already created a visual map of how the conversation looks between its most vocal commentators.
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