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Food4Patriots’ Allen Baler on Why You Should Avoid GMO Seeds

It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s all too real, notes Allen Baler of Food4Patriots, a long-term survival food solution. Monsanto, the company behind the herbicide Roundup, has created genetically modified seeds that can produce completely sterile crops. The company owns the patent to the gene, dubbed the Terminator gene, but so far hasn’t released any seeds that feature it, according to NPR.

But, the fact that the company could unleash seeds with the Terminator gene is something people should be concerned about, according to Baler. Part of the joy of gardening or farming is being able to save seeds from one year’s crop to plant the next year. Sterile seeds would do away with that. Although Monsanto hasn’t used non-viable seeds yet, there are troubling reports in the media of its track record with farmers and gardeners. The company has a history of suing small farmers and of buying up seed companies. For the sake of your garden’s health and the diversity of plant life, many experts recommend that it’s best to avoid GMO seeds and seeds produced by companies such as Monsanto. Read more

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Hands-On Social Media Training for Beginners

Social Media 101In our Social Media 101 boot camp, you'll determine the social media sites that matter most to you, based on personal and professional goals. Starting May 13, you will learn the best practices for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, along with complete personal profiles on each site. Register today!

Steven W. Korn On How Social Networks Have Transformed News Media

By Carly Fiske

Steven W. Korn asserts that the internet and social media networks have transformed the way we share, read and search for news. This has sparked plenty of worried speculation that all news might downgrade to the level of cat pictures and Instagram selfies one day, but fortunately it’s not that simple.

Korn suggests that what has really changed is the way we access news, rather than the content of the news itself.

As the former Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of CNN, Steven W. Korn has been observing the evolution of news in both his personal and professional life. Korn suggests that the changing trends can especially be observed among young people, many of whom use their smartphone to read the news rather than picking up the morning paper. Read more

SMART Payment Plan Says Smaller Payments Reduce Your Loan Faster

SMART Payment Plan, a financial tech payment company, is shedding light on one of the most powerful ways to shorten payment lifespan, decrease finance charges, improve your budgeting, and enhance your cash flow. What’s the secret? Smaller, more consistent payments.

A payment plan that matches your pay schedule, especially if you get paid weekly or bi-weekly, can help you more quickly pay off your student loans, mortgages, credit cards, and virtually any other debt you might be carrying around. Even more, you could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars by opting for a paycheck-matching payment plan for your mortgage, and pay it off nearly eight years early. By opting for smaller, more frequent payment plans, SMART Payment Plan says its customers have consistently been able to retire up to 10 years earlier than they had originally planned.

How does it work?

As a financial technology company that specializes in automated customer payments, SMART matches smaller, lower payments with their customer’s individual paydays. For example, if a customer gets paid biweekly, they could set up their plan to pay smaller increments every two weeks. By paying twice each month, rather than once monthly, customers split the monthly cost of their bill in half. They only pay 50 percent of the monthly total, two weeks each month.

By doing so, such customers actually pay an additional payment every single year. Two payments each month equates to 26 partial payments yearly. These 26 payments are equal to 13 complete, traditional payments, rather than the typical 12. But no matter what their pay schedule, SMART says that by matching payments with paychecks and dividing larger payments into smaller ones, customers can see incredible financial benefits.

When your lower payment system coincides with your paychecks, you can more easily budget for your mortgage or credit card payments, as well as your other bills, like groceries, student loans, Internet, and cable. Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, meaning a payment system that matches their income deposits won’t leave their checking account empty mid-month. It will reduce the burden and the worry of having enough to pay off each payment, giving you more peace of mind every billing cycle.

In addition to added peace of mind, paycheck-matching customers enjoy a variety of other serious advantages. SMART Payment Plan elaborates, and shares some of the biggest advantages to switching to smaller, more frequent payment plans.

Could you choose a paycheck-matching payment plan and enjoy…

Improved credit? Bankrate suggests that biweekly payments, for example, could actually improve your credit. While there is no hard evidence to say this is absolutely true, it can certainly help you keep track of your payments and ensure they are consistently made. This automated payment approach will automatically withdraw money from your account. It ensures that your payments are always made on time, which can help to support your overall credit. This is especially important for those who have missed payments because they simply forgot to write a check. Customers can avoid innocent mistakes that come with big consequences, and rest easy, knowing their bills are always paid.

Reduced interest? When you took out your mortgage loan, you probably agreed to an attached interest rate. This might seem fairly small, unless you look at how much the interest adds up over the entire course of your loan. For example, a 6 percent interest on a 30-year $250,000 fixed-rate mortgage means that you will pay more than $64,000 in interest by the end of the loan’s life. However, smaller, more frequent payment plans help you pay off your loan faster, and reduce the interest by chipping away at the amount of your principal more rapidly.

As an example, if a customer has a biweekly paycheck, they should choose a biweekly payment plan. If they do, this particular mortgage could see a reduced principal of over $9,000 in just five years. But no matter your individual pay schedule, SMART says that if your payments are smaller, but more frequent, you can still see big benefits.

More home equity? Another advantage of a paycheck-matching payment plan is that you could reduce the grand total of your principal amount, as well as increase your home’s equity. Essentially, you could own more of your house in five years than you would be able to through traditional monthly payments. While this looks great on paper, knowing you own more of your home feels great, too.

Convenience? An inherent result of lowering your principal faster, as well as saving on interest, is owning your home more quickly. As stated, you could even own your home up to eight years earlier than you would be able to with traditional payment plans.

In addition, with paycheck-matching payments, it is typically easier to pay smaller automatically withdrawn amounts with every paycheck. This avoids the need to devote the majority of one paycheck to your mortgage and remember to write and mail checks every month.

Should you set up a paycheck-matching plan on your own?

Automated payment providers like SMART Payment Plan make it easy for homeowners to pay down their mortgages faster. However, some people prefer to do this themselves, rather than go through an outside company. While this might seem like a good idea, Citibank warns against trying to set up such a payment schedule on your own.

“Some homeowners try to make extra principal payments themselves,” reported the banking giant. “Most, however, aren’t able to keep a consistent schedule.”

Homeowners would have to manually set aside money every month, which means life can get in the way, and payments could be forgotten. Rather than chancing it, consider going through a reputable automated service. It ensures that your payments will always be made on time, and the work is done for you.

When considering your options on paying down your debt, SMART Payment Plan urges homeowners to consider smaller, more frequent paycheck-matching payment plans to help improve their budgeting, pay down their loans faster, and even retire 10 full years before they ever thought they could.

Activated Media – The New Opportunity For Brand Conversion

Media is everywhere. Brands are utilizing multiple channels to reach the mobile user wherever they may be- commuting, working, or sitting on their couch. More recently, brands have been using hashtags as the glue that connects all their messaging across channels. Read more

CommexFX Explains How to Succeed in FX Trading

According to CommexFX, the FX market is the largest and most active in the world. There is no market—no stock market, no futures market—on which trading happens more regularly. The FX market is also known for being the most accessible market in the world—and yet, the success rate for new and novice investors is disarmingly low.

Why is this? As with any other form of investment, FX trading brings with it both risk and reward. Often, for beginners, mitigating risk and moving forward strategically can prove challenging. In the paragraphs that follow, CommexFX shares some of the biggest errors for new currency traders to avoid. Read more

Prashant Modi Speculates on CSR Trends for 2014

As a pioneer in India’s energy industry who has served as a frontrunner in the green energy movement, Prashant Modi has witnessed just how much corporate social responsibility has caught on in recent years.

Not only are social entrepreneurs taking on new challenges to deliver life-changing concepts in business, but they are also reaching out to think about how their work truly impacts the entire globe.

Although corporate social responsibility is a major step in business evolution, Prashant Modi explains that this trend will only continue to evolve.

He states, “Business leaders are starting to realize how their companies can positively impact the planet and are beginning to see results. 2014 should be an exciting year for CSR and social entrepreneurship, as innovators are figuring out how to improve upon previous strategies to create an even brighter future.” Read more

Mahir Reiss Outlines Essential Steps for Success as a Pediatric Physical Therapist

Mahir Reiss explains that providing physical therapy services for children requires a different approach than when that professional is working with an adult. Physical therapists can play a major role in a child’s development, and should feel equipped to connect with these kids in order to inspire them and help them become healthy and strong. For pediatric physical therapists, here are some tips for success: Read more

Tips For Prospective Dog Owners From Matthew Vettese

House flipper and real estate expert Matthew Vettese has been training dogs his entire life. For him, part of making a house a home is the inclusion of a canine companion, and he encourages dog lovers to share in the joys of dogs by finding the dog that is right for them.

Choosing the dog. Whether you select a puppy from a breeder or an adult dog from a shelter, there are several important considerations families must take into account before bringing home their new family member. Do you rent property or own? Do you have large backyards or take regular hikes? Do you have small children or plan on having children soon? What level of experience do you have with dogs? Are there any allergies in the family? Other pets? Are there any breeds a landlord prohibits, such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, or German Shepherds?

Prospective dog owners should realistically assess their living situation. Choosing a high-energy breed for a small, city apartment, says Matthew Vettese, could be a recipe for disaster. On the other hand, a high energy breed like a border collie might be perfect for a very active family who is also interested in dog agility, and a smaller dog breed like a Shih Tzu or a cocker spaniel would be a better choice for apartment living. While these breeds are still capable of high-energy moments, a small dog tearing around the house will cause less damage than a larger breed. Select the breed or mixed breed dog, Matthew Vettese suggests, that best suits your lifestyle. Read more

Burzynski Clinic on How to Prepare for Cancer Treatment

The Burzynski Clinic recognizes that receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary.  Regardless of the type or stage, people are concerned about their future.  The first step in battling cancer is detection and diagnosis.  It is important for people to understand exactly what they are dealing with.  This also affects how the doctor will approach treatment.  There are many different forms of cancer, and they affect everyone slightly differently.  Once the doctor has performed the necessary tests and taken a thorough medical history, they will develop a treatment plan.

Treatment plans vary from person to person.  Some people undergo multiple types of treatment in order to most effectively combat their cancer.  Depending on the type, it will affect how the person prepares.  Patients should bring all relevant medical documents with them to their appointment including insurance cards, test results, scans, charts, and anything else they have.  This can help the doctor when determining treatment.  It is important that patients ask the appropriate questions and have an understanding of what to expect.  They should discuss potential side effects with the physician so that they can plan accordingly.  Common cancer treatments include: Read more

Gabriel Fenton, Boulder, CO, Highlights Estate Planning Tips

A common misconception that is passed around in the financial world is that only wealthy people need to plan their estate, but Gabriel Fenton, Boulder, CO-based financial expert, is ready to put this myth to rest. No matter what size someone’s estate may be, it is always wise to have a proper estate plan set up. That way, when that person passes away, the assets will be inherited by the appropriate parties. Having a carefully organized estate plan can also reduce tax implications that beneficiaries have to pay upon inheritance. In order to ensure that people do not mismanage their estate plan, Gabriel Fenton, Boulder, CO, has revealed some helpful tips that will make the process much simpler and less complicated. Read more