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Bragging On Twitter Is Like Candy For The Brain [STUDY]

A new study suggests that social networks like Twitter are closely linked to how our brain operates. When we tweet about our super-delicious lunch, our newest tech gadget purchase or how we’re so sick of having to wait in this link, our brains feel a rush of pleasure, much like when we get money or eat food.
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18% Of TV Viewers Recall Seeing A Twitter Hashtag During A Show [STUDY]

Social media is making its television debut in style. According to the latest study, 64 percent of US consumers recall seeing some sort of social media symbols – like a Twitter hashtag or a Facebook “like” – while watching TV. And half of these viewers went ahead and interacted with social media after seeing it on the tube.
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77% Of Consumers Would Buy From Your Company If Your CEO Was Tweeting [STUDY]

A new study on eMarketer suggests that CEOs who tweet are regarded more positively than those who don’t – so it’s high time company big-wigs get their thoughts in order, condense them, and type them out in 140 characters or less.
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Maybe Twitter Can’t Predict Box Office Results After All [STUDY]

There has been a lot of buzz about how Twitter can predict real-world events like changes in the the stock market and political elections. However, a new study suggests that all of this clairvoyant Twitter talk might just be that – talk.
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Can Twitter Predict The Stock Market? Yes, According To This Study

Everyone wants to be ahead of the market. If you can predict it, you can own it – making millions in the process.

We might not be able to predict the stock market yet, but Twitter is sure helping us along. According to a new study, reading into the patterns within Twitter chatter might be able to predict trends in stock prices.
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Displaying A Tweet Button Next To Your Product Affects Purchases

Adding social buttons like the Tweet button pictured to the right to shopping websites affects your customers’ decision to buy (or not to buy).

However, it’s not as simple as just throwing up a tweet or “like” button and forgetting about it: a new study suggests that social sharing buttons are effective for some products, but not for all.
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85% Of People On Social Networks Think People Are Kind-Hearted [STUDY]

All you doom-and-gloom sayers, listen up: the general feeling on social networks is that people are kind and make them feel good about themselves. So next time you debate whether to compliment your Twitter friend on her new picture, do it – you might just be reaffirming her faith in humanity, at least according to the latest study.
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Twitter Might Be More Addictive Than Alcohol Or Sex

How well can you resist your desires? Apparently, if they include checking your @mentions and sending out profound thoughts in 140 characters or less, they’re extremely hard to resist.

A new study has been released that suggests that Twitter, email and other online communication is more addictive than cigarettes, alcohol or sex.
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Top 100 American And Japanese Brands On Twitter [STATS]

Twitter may still a new marketing channel for many top brands, but they’re slowly learning the ropes. They’re holding contests, advertising new products and increasing their visibility in 140 characters or less.

But how are brands in different countries adapting to Twitter?
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Twitter Users Complain That 25% Of Tweets Aren’t Even Worth Reading [STUDY]

So you’ve chosen to follow a select few hundred Twitter accounts, taken the time to cull them from the millions out there. They’re your information super highway, a constant stream of great, insightful tweets… except when they’re not. Apparently, Twitter users think that a quarter of all tweets they see aren’t even worth reading.
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