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3 Essential Twitter Features You Might Be Missing Out On

Twitter takes some getting used to, but once you’ve trained yourself to stick within the 140-character limit and you understand an @mention and a retweet, you can navigate it pretty well. However, in order to get the most out of Twitter, you’ve got to go beyond your comfort zone a bit and experiment with some of the advanced – but essential – features the pros use. Here are three that you should know… but might not.
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Mediabistro Course


BloggingWork with a content strategist to discuss your brand, creative content, or business through blogging! Starting January 15, McLean Robins will teach you how to design, promote, and maintain a blog, develop an audience, integrate social media platforms, and build connections with your community with link sharing. Register now!

How to Keep your Twitter Account Active – Even When You’re on Vacation

As the warmer weather beckons, Twitter seems less and less important next to a good tan. But don’t let sandy beaches distract you from maintaining an active Twitter account! You can enjoy fun in the sun while your Twitter account happily tweets away – without you guiding it.
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Rape Victim Named On Twitter

Wales footballer, Ched Evans, age 23, was jailed for five years at Caernarfon Crown Court on Friday after being found guilty of raping a 19-year-old woman, who was ‘too drunk to consent.’ The victim, whose name we will not share, but can be easily found elsewhere online, is now on trial via social media. Is this okay?
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5 Twitter Secrets To Become Highly Visible In Your Niche

Without the proper understanding of just how powerful Twitter can be, many people feel like they’re just one small voice trying to be heard in a very large, very crowded room. It’s frustrating when you have great ideas that you want to share, but you simply cannot be heard above the noise.

We’ve got 5 ways you can increase your visibility within your niche, and build a powerful presence on Twitter so your the one controlling the conversation rather than being lost in it.
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7 Secrets Of Highly Effective Twitter Power Users

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out how that person you follow on Twitter is able to respond to what seems like all of her 100,000 followers, tweet interesting links, and find time to be funny once in a while too? Here are 7 secrets of highly effective Twitter power users that you can use to take your tweeting to the next level.
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Sign Up For Social Media Marketing Boot Camp And Kickstart Your Twitter Business Plan

Our flagship social media course, Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, is about to begin. You have less than a week to sign up to learn how to craft a tweet schedule, target your Twitter bio with keywords to attract the right audience, and find interesting and relevant accounts to follow – all from just one of the more than a dozen lessons during this 8-week course!
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Why All Types Of Auto-Tweeting Are Bad… Except One

Social media is all about having conversations with customers, clients, peers, influencers and professionals. It’s about interacting, engaging, and being present. So why is there so much talk about auto-tweeting?

There really is nothing good about using a bot to auto-tweet for you.. except in one situation.
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EXCLUSIVE: Buffer Adds New Feature To Help You Schedule Your Tweets With Precision

Buffer is a unique, lightweight Twitter scheduling app that staggers your tweets for you throughout the day. And it has just made scheduling more customizable with a new feature announced this week, allowing users to fine-tune exactly when their pre-scheduled tweets will go live right down to each hour of the day.
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It’s Time To Shake Up Your Twitter Habits

We’ve talked before on AllTwitter about why you need a steady tweet schedule to really see success on Twitter. But now we’re going to throw that advice out the window and tell you to completely change your routine, add some variety, and shake things up.
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Why You Need to Create a Tweet Schedule Now

What’s your business’ tweet style? Do you post last-minute “the weather outside is terrible so I’m going to stay in and drink cocoa” posts, or are your tweets targeted and professional? Businesses that don’t have an active tweet schedule need to create one today, in order to maximize the benefits of their Twitter presence. Learn how below.
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