I’m pretty picky when it comes to my Twitter clients of choice.

After signing up first, of course, on Twitter.com, as pretty much everyone did back in the heady days of 2008, I moved on to TweetDeck, then Seesmic Desktop, before eventually settling on HootSuite.

That’s just on the desktop, of course. On my mobile, I went from Twitter mobile, to TinyTwitter, to Dabr (that link is worth a look just to see what we had to put up with in 2009), to UberTwitter (Blackberry), HootSuite (iPhone), the official Twitter app (iPhone) and then Tweetlogix (iPhone), the latter of which I heartily recommend to all and sundry.

I also tried Tweetbot on my iPhone, too, but for some reason never took to it. Which is strange, as it’s far and away my favourite iPad Twitter app. Just gorgeous and super slick. And now it’s out on Macs, officially, I really, really want it.

Except it’s $19.99. And that’s a lot to pay for any Twitter client.

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