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Twitter Wants to Woo Back Third Party Developers With New ‘Fabric’ App Platform

Twitter Wants to Woo Back Third Party Developers With New 'Fabric' App Platform

Twitter has a difficult history with third party developers – back in the day (circa 2006-2010), third party apps were, for many, the best way to use Twitter, primarily because they offered features and functionality that the main website did not.

Eventually, Twitter caught up, and as it looked to monetize the platform Twitter decided that third party apps were actually getting in the way. So it went on a bit of a cull, and it’s one that continues to this day.

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Twitter Announces Flight, Its First Mobile Developer Conference

Twitter Announces Flight, Its First Mobile Developer Conference

Back in 2010, Twitter had launched a developer conference called Chirp.

It lasted a single year.

Yesterday, the company announced its first mobile developer conference, called Flight, which will take place this October.

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Twitter Doesn’t Want Companies Reporting Its User Numbers

Twitter Doesn't Want Companies Reporting Its User Numbers

Twitter has apparently been shutting down companies that access its API to publish the size of Twitter’s user-base.

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Twitter Apps Are Now More Secure

Twitter Apps Are Now More Secure

Users of Twitter apps can breathe a little easier now, as Twitter has enforced stricter security rules for app developers.

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Millions Of Hipsters Cry Out In Terror As Instagram Shuts Down Twitter Photo Integration

We’ve known for a little while that this was coming, but yesterday Instagram turned off all support for Twitter cards, confirmed a Facebook spokesperson to AllThingsD.

You can check for yourself – while Instagram links are still coming through, the images are no longer viewable inside Twitter (specifically, Twitter’s “cards”, which are tweets that expand to display rich media within the tweet). Instead, you have to click on the link, which will load up in a separate window.

Yep: your life just got twice as hard.

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And So It Begins… Tweetro ‘Completely Crippled’ By Twitter For Breaking 100,000 User Limit

Back in September Twitter released a major revision to their API guidelines for third party app developers, which – in case you didn’t hear – ruffled quite a few feathers.

The biggest stickler was a new limit on user tokens, which was set at 100,000 per third party client. This means that apps “replicating the core Twitter experience” can now support a maximum of 100,000 users before getting into trouble with Twitter. Developers were told that they had until March 2013 to comply.

Or so we thought. Because over the weekend, popular Windows Twitter app Tweetro breached these API limitations – and was immediately “crippled” by Twitter.

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Is Twitter About To Remove All Third Party Image Services From Its Apps? [RUMOR]

In a move that will further irk an already uncomfortable and increasingly disillusioned developer community, Twitter appears poised to remove all third party image uploading services from its official apps on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other platforms, says Buzzfeed, citing “a person who was briefed on the company’s plans”.

(Why is it always him?)

Currently, there are six alternatives to Twitter’s internal photo sharer on the iPhone app – yFrog, Twitpic, Mobypicture, Twitgoo, and Posterous – but come the next update there may be just one.

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First LinkedIn, Then Instagram, Now Tumblr… Who Will Twitter Shut The Door On Next?

Last month, Twitter shut down the Find Friends feature on Instagram, which let users of the latter service find and follow their Twitter contacts at the click of a button. Of course, this decision came a month after Twitter severed ties with LinkedIn.

Now, Twitter has pulled the plug on a similar feature on Tumblr, which really begs the question: which platform, or platforms, are next in Twitter’s sights?

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An Open Letter to Twitter Developers

All of your users are ultimately Twitter’s users as well. However, they choose to use your applications for various reasons from preferring your user experience over Twitter’s own to features you offer that can’t be found elsewhere to not having other options on their desired handset/OS/language. In many cases they have voted with their wallets, preferring to purchase your app or pay for your monthly service over using Twitter’s free apps and services. Yes, paying customers expect support, but they are also less likely to move on to something else and lose their investment in money and time.
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Twitter: 900,000 Apps, 600,000 Developers And 13 Billion API Requests Per Day [STATS]

Twitter’s #devnest conference began in San Francisco yesterday, and the company has shared some pretty amazing stats that reveal just how large the Twitter ecosystem has become, how rapidly the platform continues to expand and the vast impact being made by independent developers around the world.

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