We were told it would be very simple. And it is. But nobody said it would be so ugly.

Earlier today, Twitter launched Blackbird Pie, a tool which allows you to convert tweets into embeddable code that can be placed onto any website. It’s a nice idea, certainly from Twitter’s perspective, as all those embedded tweets can easily be tracked and accounted for.

What we really wanted was just a couple of lines of code. You know, something elegant that you could quickly add to any website.

Instead, we get this monstrosity.


Man, that’s a lot of code. It’s nice that it styles itself to my site, but it might be easier if all that was controlled on the other end. As it is, embed more than a handful of tweets into your site and now that is your site.

Sure, they might provide more functionality, but a simple IMG tag is one line of code.

What Twitter has accomplished here is a way to protect embedded tweets, on the off-chance that the original poster (or Twitter themselves) deletes the source. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been established in a far more elegant manner.

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