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How To Build The Ultimate Twitter Profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do you build the ultimate Twitter profile?

Start by getting your images and design in place. Use a bold, dynamic wallpaper with a strong sidebar, an eye-catching header image and a unique profile picture. Complete your bio in full. Maintain a healthy ratio of followers to the people that you’re following. Don’t use systems that automate Twitter for you – do the work yourself. And pay close attention to trends and the everyday pulse of Twitter – find out what’s happening, and get involved.

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The Small Business Guide To Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you’ve heard about this Twitter thing, right?

It’s growing pretty fast. With hundreds of millions of users sharing billions of tweets each and every week, Twitter has quickly established itself as a pivotal marketing and communications tool for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes across almost every industry.

Problem: Twitter comes with a pretty steep learning curve. Where on earth do you begin?

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The Twitter Guide To Airports [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that 88 percent of all tweets sent by travellers while they’re killing time at airports are customer service related?

Airlines and airports have been quick to capitalise on the social media revolution with dedicated customer-facing channels on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, but while most of them do a good job most of the time, things haven’t always gone their way.

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What I Have Learned From Writing 2,000 Articles About Twitter

Yesterday, I wrote this article about Twitter. Nothing particularly unusual about that, as I’ve been writing about Twitter now on a near-daily basis for more than four years.

But this event did represent a benchmark of sorts, as that post was the two thousandth article that I have written and published about Twitter since February 19, 2009. Two thousand is quite a number. I think I’ve probably written more articles about Twitter than anybody else, like, ever.

So what have I learned in that time?

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Take The First Step Towards Twitter Success With The AllTwitter Marketing Bible

WebMediaBrands have announced the release of the AllTwitter Marketing Bible, a subscription-based service from Inside Network.

The AllTwitter Marketing Bible is a new resource designed to help marketers build their audience, increase engagement, and improve conversions and customer loyalty on Twitter.

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Download Twitter’s New Real-Time Planning Workbook For Brands

What is Twitter?

Well, according to the company themselves, it’s “… an open, real-time platform that instantly connects people with what’s most meaningful to them. We often say that Twitter is the shortest distance between you and what interests you most.”

Quite. Twitter wants businesses of all shapes and sizes to “have the opportunity to be part of the conversation and surface their messages to the people that matter most”, and to expedite this process they’ve launched a new (free) real-time planning book for brands that you can download now as a PDF.

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90% Of Twitter Is Just Showing Up

Previously I have written about the importance of being consistent on Twitter.

It’s not enough to just set up a profile and expect wonderful things to start to happen, as if by magic. Twitter, like life, doesn’t work that way. You need to do the work, and you need to put in the hours.

And the good news?

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8 Best Practices For Using Twitter For Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter comes with a pretty steep learning curve, and brands looking to maximise their ROI (return on investment) on the micro-blogging social network need to ensure that they’re on the right path.

But where to begin? Well, sharing photos and behind the scenes information about your business is a great start. Make sure you’re listening to your customers and all of the Twitter mentions about your company. Ask questions of your followers. And, perhaps most importantly, establish a clear and consistent brand voice – how to you want YOUR business to appear on Twitter?

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40 Twitter Power Tips That Turn Newbies Into Students, Experts Into Pros

One of the things that makes Twitter so great is that there’s always something new to learn.

As the platform expands and new people join and make their impression on others, attitudes shift and what we thought of as norms become relics and clichés. That’s both inevitable and healthy.

But some advice is still golden. Some tips are still wonderful, and some truisms are just kick-you-in-the-crotch and spit-on-your-neck fantastic. And at the very same time, some rules are meant to be broken. Everything is just a guideline. And there’s nothing more important than going it alone. The trick is blending all of that together.

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If You Get Value Out Of Twittercism, Please Recommend It To Your Friends. Here’s How You Can Help!

Twittercism is a now little over a year old. In that brief period of time this blog has expanded from fairly humble beginnings to a fully-fledged Twitter resource, providing commentary, tips, tutorials and guides, as well as a little bit of occasional criticism, too.

Over 7,000 people now read Twittercism on a daily basis, accessing the content via RSS feed, email, Facebook and Twitter itself.

I’m on a big expansion drive at the moment, and I’d absolutely love if it you could help me out. Everything on Twittercism is completely free, and if you feel you’ve received some value from the articles and information I’ve written and published on this site, it would be incredible if you could help me grow the readership of this blog by recommending it to your friends.

It’s very easy to do. Here’s how you can help, and I’m also going to lay out for you the various ways you can subscribe to Twittercism.

Note: All of these subscription methods are 100% free of charge, and you can opt out at any time.


Subscribe to Twittercism by emailAlmost three hundred people receive their updates from Twittercism via email. This goes out no more than once per day, and only when there’s something to say. No update, no email!

I’m really hoping to expand my email readership as in the weeks ahead I’m going to start sending out Twittercism newsletters, and these will only be available to email subscribers. The newsletters won’t be published on this blog or shared via Facebook or Twitter. Just email!

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