I am not a Twitter guru. And neither are you.

Long-term readers may remember the article I wrote about this very thing a couple of years ago. As I said then:

“The term ‘guru’ has become so over-used and redundant that it’s essentially an insult. It’s up there with ‘social media maven’ and ‘internet marketing expert’ as labels that nobody should want or encourage. Putting aside that no one person can possibly ever know enough about these vast subjects to actually consider themselves worth of such a title, the terminology is so trite, and so cliched, that just hearing it being used in any kind of proactive manner physically makes you cringe.”

I stand by these observations. Unfortunately, I’m far from alone, as a recent study has revealed that there are tens of thousands of people who are happy to describe themselves as a social media ‘guru’, ‘ninja’, ‘expert’ or ‘maven’. Even worse, almost a couple of hundred like to go by ‘social media whore’.

Hey, at least they’re getting paid.

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