One of the bigger catalysts behind the huge boom in social media growth over the past few years has been the way that celebrities from all around the world (in a myriad of shapes and sizes) have embraced these platforms, using them as a way to keep fans informed of their current projects and news.

Rewind back just a couple of years and Twitter was dominated by people like Stephen Fry and Wil Wheaton, who boasted a heady 208,750 and 109,406 followers respectively in February 2009. These guys were famous, sure, but it was very much in a nerdy, geek crowd kind of way (they’d be the first to admit that they’re geeks themselves). As Twitter started to penetrate the mainstream media and public consciousness, more famous (and less geeky) names from movies, TV and music began to sign up, and now the biggest superstars on the planet can be found avidly tweeting away.

But not every celebrity has expressed an interest. Often it’s for legitimate reasons. But other times, and certainly in Scarlett Johansson’s case, it’s simply good, old-fashioned naivety.

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