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Twitter Data Reveals When We Feel Sad, Happy And Hungover Throughout The Year [STUDY]

Twitter Data Reveals When We Feel Sad, Happy And Hungover Throughout The Year [STUDY]

When you’re hungover, do you tweet about it?

In these heady days where everything we say and do online can be easily scrutinised by our boss (or potential employers) it’s probably not the wisest move, but millions do it, week in, week out. And new data from Twitter has revealed which days of the week we’re most likely to be talking about being hungover, as well as when we’re happy, sad or late for work.

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Social Media Sentiment – Which Brands Are On The Naughty List This Christmas? [STUDY]

Social Media Sentiment - Which Brands Are On The Naughty List This Christmas? [STUDY]

Which brands and industries are scoring well with consumers this holiday season, and which have made the naughty list?

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Social Cities: Who Is Tweeting Where (And How Do They Feel)? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Cities: Who Is Tweeting Where (And How Do They Feel)? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter now has more than half a billion registered users, with about 50 percent of that number actively engaging with the network on a regular basis.

So here’s the thing: where is everybody tweeting from, and are they happy whilst doing it?

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Are Twitter Users More Liberal and Negative Than Most? [STUDY]

If you’re online any amount of time, you realize it’s a pretty mean place. People post things they’d NEVER say to someone in person, as the thought of hurting anyone’s feelings has become almost alien.

The suspension of disbelief online is pretty complete – and crazy. We smugly type horribly hurtful things at each other, while pretending it isn’t personal and then rail against the horrors of cyberbullying – talk about the bully calling the kettle black!

But is Twitter really any worse than the Internet overall? According to this study – yes (implied). And it also is NOT representative of overall public sentiment. So it looks like if you’re on Twitter, chances are you’re a jerk (and liberal).

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Track Holiday Sentiment On Twitter With Hootsuite

Have most people on Twitter been naughty or nice? You’ll have to ask Santa for that information.

But Hootsuite’s Holiday Command Center can offer insight into how many people are tweeting about the holidays, and their sentiment about the holidays and their shopping experiences.

We’ll accept that as a close second.

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#Tweetbeat Shows Where Negative Tweeters Live

Planning a vacation any time soon?

Well, you may want to refer to this #tweetbeat heat map to see which areas in the U.S. (and around the world) to avoid, so you can stay away from the angries.

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Can Twitter Beat The Stock Market? Tweet Sentiment Trading API Bets That It Can [REPORT]

Can Twitter be used to predict movements in the stock market?

Dutch technology company SNTMNT (“Sentiment”) are betting that it can. They’ve announced the Trading Indicator API, the world’s first API that makes predictions based on Twitter sentiment about future stock price movement for all stocks in the S&P 500.

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Twitter Hedge Fund Beat Market In Its First Month

Derwent Capital, the hedge fund that is using Twitter sentiment to make its investments, beat the market – and other hedge funds – in its first full month of trading. Could this be the beginning of a social media investment trend?
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Higher than Expected Demand for Twitter Hedge Fund Causes Delays

The Twitter hedge fund that has caught the media’s attention won’t be investing just yet – the demand from investors has been so high that the fund has had to restructure to accommodate additional interest.
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What Do Your Customers Think? How To Use Twitter To Measure Emotional Reaction To Your Brand

I’ve written in more detail about Twitter search before but the service has a neat feature that allows you to use emoticons (aka smilies) to filter your results, and I wanted to touch upon that in this article.

Let’s use the recently-launched iPad 2 as an example. At the time of writing, here’s a search for positive mentions of the device.

And here’s a search for negative.

Quite a difference. The item being searched for is identical, but because we used :) in the first search, and :( in the second, Twitter looks at the database with two kinds of eyes, and we end up with very different results.

What’s clever about this emotional search facility is it recognises similar smilies in the results – for example, :) will also return tweets that use :-) and :D . Hence, it’s less that Twitter search is looking for :) specifically, but rather is interpreting and applying that as a kind of sentiment filter.

This is obviously of huge benefit for brands and marketers, especially around new product and service launches. Celebrities and producers could use this service to track reactions to movies, TV shows and pop albums. Politicians could gauge the response to bills and speeches. Restaurants can use variations on this search to keep dibs on their customers… and how well that new (and very expensive) head chef is working out.

The best part? In my experience it’s really underused, so it’s a fantastic (and free) way to grab an important advantage over your competition. And PS: You can track reactions to their products and services, too.