A couple of days ago Buzzfeed ran an interesting piece that looked at the hilarious results that could be obtained by entering various keywords into Twitter’s people search tool – for example, “huge idiot”¬†brings up such luminaries as Mitt Romney, Piers Morgan and forty percent of One Direction amongst the first ten results. You can get equally amusing outcomes with some other choice keywords, too.

Good times. Buzzfeed concluded that Twitter’s people search leaned on keywords commonly associated with each user, which is a polite way of saying that the naughty Twitter is probably doing this on purpose. Still, ‘Twitter’ is as much about the millions of people who use it as it is the platform, and they could tweak this search algorithm accordingly (and, of course, how they see fit) to live up to expectations.

But it got me thinking – what if we flipped this on its head and looked for positives? How about if we searched for who Twitter (the platform, the people) thinks are the funniest people on the network?

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