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Put Annoying Twitterers In The @TwitDoghouse

Ever want to unfollow folks just for a little while, until they’re over relentlessly tweeting about whatever obsession has overtaken their stream at the moment?

Well, now you can. Not only can you temporarily unfollow though, you can send them a note telling them why you’re temporarily unfollowing them and alerting them to their new home in the @TwitDoghouse. Or you can just be sneaky about it and not tell them too!
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How Can You Tell When Celebrity Lovers Call It Quits? They Both Unfollow Each Other On Twitter

Aaah, celebrity power couples, the people we love to hate. When two prominent Hollywood-types split up, the gossip rags, talk shows and social networks light up with speculation.

But all this prying into the personal lives of famous strangers doesn’t reveal the truth as much as their own actions do. And lately, it seems like the final nail in A-list relationships’ coffins has been the dreaded unfollow on Twitter.
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13 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Followed Back

You created your Twitter account, followed some accounts in your niche, and started writing your first few tweets. But after a few days, you notice that your follower account hasn’t budged above 15, while you keep following piles of accounts yourself. Don’t get discouraged! Here are 13 reasons why you aren’t getting followed back, so you can revise your strategy and grow those followers.
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Isn’t It Time You Fall Clean Your Twitter Feed?

I know, I know. You’ve got to go through your email, clean up the living room before company arrives and then there’s the matter of that stack of receipts you should really sort for taxes… but I promise it won’t take too long to clean up your twitter feed by using any of the following tools.

To really get the most out of your fall cleaning, remove people that are no longer on twitter and unfollow those who only talk about how much they love to shop or recount every moment of their day (“I am going to pick up lunch now, then I’m hitting the gym. Be back in an hour.”).

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Your Twitter Homework for the Weekend: Unfollow 5% of the People you Currently Follow

Friday is upon us, but I bet most of you will be popping on to Twitter at least once or twice this weekend. Social information doesn’t sleep, and just because it’s Saturday tomorrow doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything productive for your Twitter efforts. So, take 15 minutes and do a little follower pruning: I challenge you all to unfollow 5% of the people you currently follow.
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On Twitter, Change Is Much, Much Better Than A Rest

I’ve been active on Twitter for over 3 years. As of the time of writing I am following exactly 400 people.

About 100 of these are folks have been with me since my very early days on the network. I consider them my core. Many of them are friends, born out of Twitter. Some, brought in.

The rest are made up of bloggers, tech and news feeds, individuals I respect and celebrities.

Over the past 36 months or so, the amount of people I have followed has fluctuated considerably (it used to be a lot more). I would estimate I’ve probably clicked the follow button for around 3,000 users. Or, to put it another way – I’ve clicked the unfollow button about 2,600 times. 87% of those connections didn’t work out, at least long term.
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Your Twitter Homework Assignment: Unfollow 10% Of Your Network

Is Twitter getting on top of you? Are you using lists and groups to keep up with all the people you’re following? Does the very idea of wading through your home feed make you go cold? Who the heck are most of these people, anyway?

There’s only one thing you can do: purge.

Don’t hesitate – do it now. There’s nothing to fear. It will only take 5-10 minutes, but the benefits are huge.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make a note of how many people you are currently following, and then divide that number by ten. This is your target.
  2. Go to your following page on
  3. Scroll through the names one by one.
  4. Every time you don’t recognise an avatar or username, or cannot instantly produce a valid reason why you are following that person, unfollow them.
  5. Repeat until you’ve hit your target.

(And yes, if one of the people you can’t justify includes me, then go ahead and unfollow. I absolutely insist. I’d love to think I’ve earned a place on your feed, but otherwise I definitely should not be there. Unwanted is unwanted, and clutter is clutter.)

When you’re done, stop and take a look around. Listen. Doesn’t that feel better? Has that constant drone become a little bit softer? If it hasn’t, you need to go deeper. Move back to step one and purge another ten per cent.

But if it has… wow. Take a deep breath and enjoy. You’ve earned it.

When Does An Unfollow Need To Become A Block?

Spammers aside, I block relatively few people on Twitter.

In optimising my stream, I’ve found that the comfort network size for me is to follow somewhere between three to five hundred people. Above that number and I feel that there’s too much going on, and everything moves a little too fast, which means I end up filtering out people and following lists or groups, which means I probably shouldn’t be following the excluded people at all. That may seem harsh, but Twitter simply doesn’t work if you follow everybody.

Likewise, if you follow nobody, or very few people, it also doesn’t function properly. I’m looking for information, not solitude. (I can get that at Google Wave.)

Five Reasons Why I Might Unfollow You

My Twitter network fluctuates fairly regularly, although it takes a lot for me to unfollow somebody. I have a few main reasons:

  1. Inactivity – I don’t and never will see the point of following somebody who hasn’t updated in months. (I use Untweeps to monitor this. I should add that I don’t blindly unfollow everybody who is inactive.)
  2. Inconsistency – If I’ve followed somebody for reason X and all of a sudden all they’re tweeting about is subject Y, this often leads to an unfollow. I’m not looking for everybody to ‘stay on target’ all the time, but complete personality changes or the total abandonment of one theme over another means it’s probably time for us to part ways.
  3. Rudeness – I can’t stand it when people are unnecessarily rude. Please, feel free to disagree with me, stick to your guns and voice your opinion. In fact, I encourage it. Just don’t be an ass about it.
  4. Crazies – I’ll give you every chance, but if you’re quite clearly a good, old-fashioned weirdo, I’ll move on. (Important note: if you bombard me with tweets, I file this under ‘crazy’, too.)
  5. Arrogance – I don’t like it when somebody never replies to my tweets. If this happens, I’ll check out their timeline and see if it’s just me, or whether they’re ignoring most of their other messages, too. Either way, if there’s no relationship there, despite my best efforts, eventually I’ll likely think it’s time we started seeing other people. I’m selective here, because I know some very important people are very busy doing very important things, but there has to be a point where there is no point.

Naturally, I’d expect everybody to apply these same guidelines to me, too.

Two Reasons Why I Will Block You

It’s items three and four that are the most serious. Because an unfollow on Twitter doesn’t stop somebody contacting you via an @ reply, rudeness and craziness can still get through, even after an unfollow. Or, more damagingly, if you never even followed at all. If either of these things becomes persistent, that’s when I will block somebody.

It doesn’t help that the block function on the network doesn’t actually work properly. But while blockees can still read my timeline and rant and rave about me to their heart’s content, at least I don’t have to be privy to it.

Just to reiterate – I’m not a fly-by-night follow/unfollower and I always give others a chance to excel. I love it when people surprise me, and bump against my (often flawed) expectations and first impressions. It takes a lot for me to actually block somebody.

If you want to get my attention, please, go crazy – I would absolutely love to hear from you. I really want to know what you think.

Just don’t be crazy. Or rude. Otherwise, I’m sorry to say that we’re done.

16 Reasons Why We Might Unfollow You On Twitter

This topic has come up a few times from different users within the Twitter stream over the past couple of days and the responses have been quite interesting.

Why do you unfollow somebody on Twitter? Why would you want to? And are you doing anything that might increase the chances of getting unfollowed yourself?

16 Reasons Why We Might Unfollow You On Twitter

I have my reasons which I’ll list below, mixed with the opinions of other (anonymous) folk which I’ve observed. As said some of these seem to be fairly standard amongst all users, but there are one or two that are fairly controversial and certainly require some personal thought and weighing of the pros and cons.

You’re A Spammer

These are the easiest users to unfollow.

Most of the time it’s very obvious when an account is a spammer. First and foremost, they nearly always have a very skewed ratio of those they are following to those they are being followed by. Most of the time they don’t even have a profile avatar, and if they do it’s usually an attractive female.

They will also often have a username such as ’5Gbpk3′. I mean, how do you even pronounce that? ;)

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