Last night Twitter announced an update to their notifications system so that you now get an email each time somebody that you follow retweets or favourites one of your tweets.

Email notifications have been a huge boon for Facebook because they keep those all-important users coming back to the platform again, and again, and again. For Twitter, which has always had a problem converting and keeping new signups, this could and should be huge. When you’re beginning your journey on a social network, you positively yearn for attention. An email letting you know that somebody has connected with you in some way is very welcome.

But what about people who aren’t new? What about those people who get dozens and dozens of replies, retweets and favourites each and every day? What about those people who don’t like email notifications from Facebook, and have long-since turned them off? And what about those people who consistently strive for the ever-desirable inbox zero?

If that sounds like you, then Twitter’s notifications are a total pain in the derriere, falling somewhere between clutter and spam. Here’s how to get rid of them.

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