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How To Get A Twitter Username You Love (And How To Change It If You Hate It)

Setting up a Twitter account for the first time is not as simple as it seems. You’ve got to brainstorm a killer username, a label that people will know you by, one they’ll want to retweet, and something with that X factor of cool. Despite what you might think, you’re not stuck with “@iluvbkstrtboys7.” Here’s how to get your ideal Twitter username.
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Where Does The “RT” Go In A Retweet?

The structure of a tweet is a bit of an enigma for plenty of Twitter newbies. And a retweet? Even more confusing.

But there are a few best practices when it comes to formatting your retweets, and they’re actually very simple once you get the hang of them.
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Get Your Twitter Name Tattooed Onto An Athlete Just In Time For The Olympics

Now here’s an entrepreneur for the digital age: an Olympic athlete is offering to tattoo the name of one Twitter user onto his arm in order to subsidize his training for London.
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Would You Follow More Sports Stars On Twitter If They Had Their Usernames On Their Jerseys?

Sports and Twitter have gone together like peanut butter and jam since day one. Sports stars have taken to expressing themselves pre- and post-game in 140-characters or less – and now Twitter is moving offline, and onto the players’ jerseys.
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When Will Twitter Release Unused Usernames?

Dear Twitter,

I, like thousands of other users, don’t have my ideal username. Rather than tweeting from my desired “@LaurenDugan”, I have had to settle for an ugly underscore a la “@Lauren_Dugan”. Why? Because “@LaurenDugan” was taken… 3 years ago. And hasn’t been used since.
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Did Sean Parker Just Get Access To A New, New Twitter? And Compare It To Facebook?

Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook and one of its early proponents, was tweeting today about what may just be a “new #NewTwitter”. But this Facebook afficionado’s words weren’t kind to the new layout (or perhaps bug, experiment or something else altogether).
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The Right Twitter Name Could Earn You A Trip Of A Lifetime – If You’re Willing To Sell

Twitter expressly forbids selling usernames. In their name-squatting policy, they state, in very clear language that, “attempts to sell, buy, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for usernames are also violations and may result in permanent account suspension.”

Still, one lucky kid will soon find himself the recipient of a trip of a lifetime, all because he happened to score a coveted Twitter username.
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Salman Rushdie Is Now On Twitter (Tweeting From @SalmanRushdie1)

Here’s a perfect lesson in what can happen if you put social media off for too long: the man who won the Booker Prize for his political novel Midnight’s Children, Salman Rushdie, has had to settle for a verified account at @SalmanRushdie1.

The dry wit and intellectual heft you’d expect from Rushdie is all there on his sparkling new Twitter account, albeit in much shorter snippets than he, or his fans, are used to.
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TweetReach Now Has Free Accounts To Help You Measure How Far Your Tweet Traveled

TweetReach wants to help you answer the question “How far did my tweet travel?” They enable users to determine the reach and exposure of any Twitter username, hashtag, URL or keyword phrase.

If you’re interested in monitoring a Twitter campaign, evaluating the “stickiness” of your tweets or just seeing how effective you are at tweeting, you will want to log on to TweetReach and experiment with their newly minted free accounts – perfect for dipping your toes into Twitter analytics.
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HOWTO: View All Of Your @Mentions, Minus The Retweets

If you’re a prolific tweeter, you no doubt get dozens of retweets a day. And while that might boost your self-esteem, it can also cause a problem: since retweets usually include your username (at least old style retweets do), too many of them can mean actual @mentions get lost in the mix.

Here’s how to view all of your @mentions, but filter out the retweets, so you can focus on the accounts who are actually engaging you in conversations.
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