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9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

Every word that a celebrity tweets is fascinating… even when it isn’t.

Our favorite comedian is having trouble with the kids – hilarious! Our favorite pop star is waiting in line for groceries – tell me more! But sometimes the seemingly mundane information our beloved celebrities tweet goes beyond oversharing and can become a potentially risky info leak.

Here are nine risky overshares from Twitter celebrities.

Don’t Tweet From Bed

I’m not saying pop stars don’t have a right to tweet about being as sick, sad, or lonely as the rest of us; but when you’re a pop icon, there are rules. Like not telling millions of people where you can be found, for instance.

Lady Gaga:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

When you’ve got the attention of well over 40 million followers, it’s probably not a good idea to share your semi-conscious altered state. While Gaga might have the security to match even the craziest “monster”, it’s an open invite for anyone to find her at home while she’s laid up.

Miley Cyrus:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

Sure, an allergic reaction can be a wrecking ball on your favorite recreational activities, but if you’re holed up for a while and your name is Miley Cyrus, you might want to keep that to yourself.

Tom Fletcher:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

Unless you share Mike Tyson’s preference for feline companionship, I’d keep this information to myself.

Anna Kendrick:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

Time To Yourself 101: If you really want to enjoy your alone time, don’t tell everyone about it.

Helen Flanagan:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

This British soap opera star is unfortunate proof that oversharing like this is an open invitation for dangerous break-ins. Shortly after tweeting this, three men armed with a screwdriver and saws broke into her house and robbed her jewelry and phone.

Curb Your Bragging

You’re a Twitter celeb and you live big, but it’s no big deal…or at least it shouldn’t be. This rule applies especially to those of us lacking some of the world-class security systems of Hollywood’s finest.

Charles Melton:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

While most people are thrilled that his modeling career is soaring as high as he is, this is basically a PSA to all burglars that there will be an open house at the Melton estate for at least a month.

Trey Songz:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

Hopefully some of your more criminally-inclined followers don’t know exactly where home is, Trey, because they’ve got a good 7-hour window to get there. 

Kim Kardashian:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

While Kim might not be shy, I don’t think Scott (or Kourtney) would be comfortable having the make of their vehicle in the hands of tailgating paparazzi.

Paris Hilton:

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter Celebrities

Ok, this is actually more of just a regular brag. But Paris Hilton should probably know better than to let the world know where she’ll be living next—considering her social media-informed robberies were the basis for a recent movie, and all.

Have you noticed any reckless tweets lately? Share them in the comments!

9 Risky Overshares From Twitter CelebritiesThis post was written by Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe. He only ever tweets about planets he’s not on. SimpliSafe Home Security is making its way to the top of its industry.

(Oops image via Shutterstock.)

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